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Another important aspect is the temperature at the time of the game, several times matches are played with very high temperatures and with the percentage of significant humidity, when this occurs, the tiredness of the athletes exponentially increases and in turn the number of goals scored. An example was the World Cup in South Korea / Japan (2002) where games in Korea had, on average, fewer goals than those played in Japan. 

The reason?

It is the air humidity and temperature issues. The opposite also happens mainly with Latin and African players who, when they have to play in freezing temperatures, tend to have a considerable drop in production.

In the odds situs dominoqq online market we can also take advantage of being aware of the climatic conditions of a match, teams like Barcelona that play football with a lot of ball possession and many passes, tend to have more difficulties in playing their football when the pitch is not is in perfect condition. In these situations, laying out in Barcelona can be very profitable. Another market that you can take advantage of when you have the notion that the lawn is going to be badly treated is that of cards, the more badly treated the lawn is, the greater the number of fouls among athletes, consequently there will be a higher rate of cards. So make the most of all the weather when placing your football bets.


Tennis, as we know, is a sport in dry weather, where when it starts and there is precipitation the game is immediately stopped. When there is a probability of rain it is usually a good bet to make a back on the most experienced player, as he will probably be more used to these types of situations and have an easier time resuming the game.

Another aspect to take into account is the wind, this is a factor that benefits the most defensive players, as the players who attack more risk to hit the ball, staying as close as possible to the lines, and the wind may force them to be less daring and more defensive, and then they will not be as competitive or else they will make more mistakes.

Moisture is the factor that most affects the course of a game, tournaments in Southeast Asia or South America tend to be won by more defensive players with more physical vigor. As is known, humidity increases tiredness and players at the end of their career or with a weaker physical condition have difficulties playing in these types of conditions. The humidity of the air also slows down the ball, making the game slower, which of course benefits the more defensive players.

Australian Open

The Australian Open is a tournament where we always have very high temperatures, and it is not uncommon to see players giving up, or falling out of production after a long battle on the courts of the 1st Grand Slam of the year. Remembering that despite not being a factor completely related to the weather, altitude also affects the speed of a tennis game.