Choosing Coverage, an Auto Insurance Review, and Insuring a New Vehicle

For those living in Glendale auto insurance must meet the minimum requirements under California law. The minimums are so low that no one should rely on that amount of auto insurance coverage to have adequate protection. Instead, it is a better idea to get auto insurance that is more comprehensive and covers the replacement cost of the vehicle.

Replacement Cost vs. Actual Value

Replacement cost insurance coverage is better than coverage for the actual value because if the vehicle is totaled in an accident, then the insurance company will pay for a new one of the same type, less the deductible. Coverage for actual value will only provide an amount, less any deductible, that is the estimated value of the vehicle.

Annual Maintenance and Auto Insurance Review

As part of the annual scheduled maintenance, include an auto insurance review. This gives your insurance agent a chance to take a look at the coverage and makes sure it is adequate. There is no need to wait for the end of a year if any important circumstances change. Ask an agent at a Glendale auto insurance agency for help if there is anything that is new about the vehicle.

Things that may warrant an adjustment in the auto insurance coverage include:

  • Buying or selling a car.
  • Moving to a new location.
  • Getting a new job that changes the commute time.
  • Parking an insured vehicle in a different way and/or in a different place.
  • Installing a car alarm or an anti-theft system.
  • Adding or removing an authorized driver from the insurance.
  • Changing how the vehicle is used, such as using it for carpooling or for work-for-hire.
  • Adding valuable accessories. Examples are a new stereo system or expensive chrome wheels.
  • Modifications and custom work such as installing a sunroof or getting a new paint job.

Auto Insurance for a New Vehicle

When buying a new vehicle from an auto dealership, to be able to drive the vehicle off the lot requires having auto insurance in place. It is usually not a good idea to accept the auto insurance offered by an auto dealership. It is better to work with an insurance agent whom you trust.

Get quotes for any new vehicle models that are under consideration. This information will help make the decision about the monthly cost, including insurance, for buying the new car. Also, a file will be established at the insurance agency with all the information needed. After deciding on a specific vehicle, just make a quick call to the insurance agent.

Give the model, year, mileage, total price, and VIN number to the agent. Then, the insurance will be put in place very quickly and easily. The agent can fax or email the certificate of insurance card. A copy of the insurance card must be kept in the vehicle.


Work with a Glendale auto insurance agent to get an auto insurance review at least once per year, and at any other time, if any important circumstances change. Let the agent know when thinking about buying a new car to make getting insurance an easy process.