Choosing Your Best Stay at Myconos

Accommodation offers on Mykonos Island, undoubtedly the most popular tourist destination in the Cyclades, are relatively numerous, but it is still advisable to book in advance during the high tourist season which spans all summer, and also during Easter holidays, the week of August 15, etc. The Bespoke Mykonos Concierge – The Ace VIP has the best option there.

Best Hotels?

The hotel portfolio includes hotels classified between 1 and 5 stars, small family-type establishments, and also large-capacity hotel complexes that offer all-inclusive packages. Hotels are the most common forms of accommodation in large cities and tourist areas.Ace VIP has the best setups there also.

As alternative accommodation, it is possible to rent villas, apartments or even studios already equipped and furnished. There are also a few guesthouses in Mykonos. There too the Ace VIP offers the best choices. The best rooms, services and options for activities this is the ultimate option that you would be willing to be at.

Visitors who come to Mykonos without having made their reservation beforehand can contact a booking agency to find suitable accommodation. And during peak season, room rates can cost double the rates offered in neighboring islands.

The Daytime Travel to Mykonos

During the day, the visit of the village is pleasant. The streets are quiet, the tourists meet some tourists mixed with some natives. The village has the appearance of a small fishing village. Postcard shops rub shoulders with convenience stores.The tourists stroll through the maze of white streets, the tourists are distracted by a sky blue door and a little further, by beautiful royal blue shutters. The sweetness is pleasant and the sun is present, but the light breeze is pleasant. A village that the tourists enjoy visiting (as long as the weather is good, because yes on our trip the tourists had a half ugly day and it fell on our visit to Mykonos .. no beautiful photos- way-postcard of this magnificent view on the background of the blue sky .)

Like the most popular Greek islands, Mykonos is regularly overrun by tourists descending from large cruise ships who come to drop anchor in front of the village. The view is therefore not the most pleasant, and the world in the streets is so more than random.

And at night . The streets are busy, the cafes and restaurant terraces are screened, the tourists hurry to taste our meal before going to prolong the drunkenness of the island for many more hours. The village has another face when the night falls, a little more alive but a little more “armored” too.

Being one of the best known Greek destinations, Mykonos is easily reachable from several French airports. You will find both direct and stopover flights.

Direct flights to Mykonos

You can land directly at Mykonos Airport (JMK) from Paris airports during the tourist season: Transavia offers direct flights from Orly Airport and Easyjet direct trips from Charles de Gaulle Airport.