Comparison of staying in a PG and a rented accommodation.

Being an adult is bestowed with a thought of being independent in matters of decision making. If you are a young individual who is planning to move out of your homes then you need to face up to a lot of things which could indeed be a lot baffling at first. But are you aware that there is a task that might be of utmost hassle to the working professionals and even the young students. In particular reference to the younger strata of the society accommodation ceases to be a problem. There is a state of confusion in deciding to opt for a PG in Chennai for male or a rented apartment.

Comparison of staying in a PG and a rented apartment

No confusion is bound to arise if you are clear about your needs. In order to make things easier let us clearly figure out the difference between the two before you arrive at a decision.


Let us face it affordability is a major factor influencing your decision. PG might seem to be an affordable option but when you compare the facilities it might not be the same always. To crazy rents apartments could work out to be a solution, the high security deposit along with the greedy landlords.

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There is no harm in young people opting for a place that provides them a sense of security. As far as PG is concerned, security comes along with a set of restrictions, before it touches a different level. But as compared to apartments it does provide for a greater level of security.

From a  view point of social security   it is a great option as it can be compared to the PG men’ hostel in Chennai. Though    PG is not going to assure you reliable roommates. The possibility of you getting stuck with someone who has weird habits and does not adjust is also there. In an apartment it provides an opportunity to interact with like -minded people who share the same thoughts as you.


PGs are known to possess facilities that might be feasible for one, but not for the other. The facilities could be lavish and even generic ones. On the other hand apartments are more affordable and come with their own set of facilities, this includes bathroom kitchen along with an all-inclusive bill.


The quality of food that is provided in a PG seems good at first, but falters towards the end. For this reason it has been observed that the PG students are known to be eating from outside. It could be termed that food is one of the major reasons why people end up quitting PG. Yes you could argue that apartments are not going to serve you cooked food but this is a place where you can cook food and mingle with active food buds.

Last comes the privacy aspect. If you are used to live freely then you would be confused by the restrictions with a PG.