Confused about hiring an accident attorney in Tucson? Find more here!

Car accidents are unfortunate and often have overwhelming consequences. Sadly, such accidents are way too common on Arizona roads. If you were injured in a crash in Tucson, your first step should be about seeking medical attention. Call 911 immediately if someone is injured. Also, state laws require drivers to report a car accident if death, property damage worth $1,000 or more, or injury was involved. You need to call the local police at the earliest, and if possible, ask for a copy of the police report. Like many others, you are probably wondering – Do I really need to hire a Tucson auto accident attorney? Below are some key aspects worth knowing. If you need further information or guidance, don’t hesitate to “contact us today“. A qualified attorney can help clarify your situation and provide valuable advice.

Reasons to call an injury attorney

Arizona is a fault state, and if the other driver was negligent, they are responsible for your losses. You can file a claim with their insurer, seeking compensation for your injuries and damages. There are several reasons to call an attorney, such as – 

  1. You don’t know the worth of your claim
  2. You had a share in the fault
  3. You aren’t sure what or who caused the accident
  4. You have sustained serious injuries
  5. Your injuries can impact your ability to earn
  6. There were multiple vehicles involved 
  7. You don’t want to deal with the insurance representative

How can a car accident attorney help?

Experienced car accident attorneys know what it takes to investigate a case. They can gather evidence, talk to witnesses, get opinions from medical experts, and take other measures, such as accident reconstruction to bolster your case. Your attorney is also key to negotiating with the insurance company. Insurance claims adjusters and representatives often use bad faith insurance tactics to minimize liability, and your lawyer can take appropriate steps to come to an acceptable settlement. If needed, your car accident attorney can even take the matter to court. 

Finding the right accident attorney

Not all law firms and accident attorneys are the same. Do not forget to ask relevant questions when you meet a lawyer, including their experience with similar cases. You may also want to ask about the expected financial burden of the case. The good news is accident attorneys in Tucson usually work on a contingency fee, and you don’t need to pay the lawyer until they win. 

Attorneys can be instrumental in minimizing the stress after a car accident. Call a top-rated accident attorney now.