Curing the Infamous “Asian Glow”: 4 Easy Methods

“Asian Glow” refers to an alcohol flush reaction (AFR), a syndrome that affects about half of the Japanese, Korean, and Northeastern Chinese populations. AFR can be triggered by the drinking of as little as one alcoholic beverage, giving one a flushed face and/or neck, an increased heart rate, a headache, and nausea.

People who do not have AFR have their alcohol metabolized by oxidization in their livers. But people without the enzyme that converts acetaldehyde into acetate have to deal with up to ten times the typical concentration of acetaldehyde. The accumulation triggers the AFR symptoms, but there are a few different solutions to keep the symptoms at bay.

1. Stay Hydrated

A simple solution to prevent AFR symptoms from becoming visible is to drink a lot of water. It sounds like a no-brainer and probably goes without saying, but water dilutes the alcohol and can, therefore, reduce the chances of your face displaying the effects of AFR. Before meeting up with your buddies and such to hang out and have drinks, pour yourself one or two glasses of water. Rather than solely drinking alcohol at the gathering, alternate with water. Take a few sips of one and then a few sips of the other.

Alcohol can actually make you thirstier, so be sure to choose the water when you are actually experiencing thirst.

2. Limit Alcohol Consumption

As you have fun with others, be aware of how much alcohol you are drinking. When you drink wine and beer, choose beverages that have low APV (alcohol per volume) percentage so that you do not get overwhelmed and afflicted by AFR. If you experience AFR, then it is likely that you have a low alcohol tolerance. So dialing it back on the alcohol, in general, might be a good idea. There is no need to push yourself to the limit. You are not trying to impress anyone. (Or, if you are, then you might be going about it the wrong way if drinks are the crux of it all.)

3. Antihistamines

While not a cure for Asian Glow (as one does not exist), there are antihistamines that can alleviate the struggles of AFR-related alcohol intolerance. One of the popular products is Pepcid AC (Famotidine). Though it is often used to treat heartburn and peptic ulcer disease, it can also subdue the production of stomach acid. Zantac (Ranitidine), which also treats heartburn, is another similar choice worth considering.

Keep in mind, though, that you should not use these on a regular basis. An antihistamine would raise the blood-alcohol level, thus bringing you to your alcohol limit more quickly. In instances where you do end up using an antihistamine prior to alcohol consumption, be vary aware of how many drinks you are having.

4. Hangover Prevention Pills

Ivita Detox hangover prevention pills are another solution to take into account. In addition to vitamins B1, B6, B12, C, and E, these pills include the tree extract dihydromyricetin and the antioxidant N-acetylcysteine. The former is an anti-alcohol compound and the latter fights byproducts of alcohol metabolism. You can take four capsules after your last alcoholic beverage, or right before going to sleep.

Furthermore, these pills contain milk thistle seed extract for increasing liver function and prickly pear fruit powder for reducing nausea and headaches.

Think As You Drink

Though there is no concrete cure for Asian Glow, the aforementioned options are available to help you counteract the symptoms of it and make you less self-conscious about how you look. After making the necessary changes, you will be able to engage in social functions without worrying so much about how AFR could impact you.

All it takes is a bit more awareness of your drinking choices and the medicine that is available to benefit you in this battle. Keep these options in mind when you hear that there is another upcoming function involving drinking.