Current Jewelry Trends This Winter Season

Jewelry for the upcoming winter season is bold and luxurious, with plenty of sparkle for seasonal bling. Here’s a look at the latest jewelry looks trending on the runways.


Chains made of dark metal with an industrial look are fashionable for winter, and choker-style necklaces with a luxurious appearance are also trending.

The layered chain look is becoming popular, and some necklace styles mix both silver and gold strands. Gemstones are included in many designs for added color and shine. Chain-link earrings are also a stylish look for the 2019-2020 winter season.


The runways are sparkling with rhinestones for this winter, adding pizzazz to the latest jewelry trends. Chokers studded with rhinestones offer a glamorous and festive style.

Chunky geometric necklace designs featuring rhinestones bring an oversized chic look to winter clothing.

Long earrings

Gemstones and pearls used creatively in long earrings are popular items for winter. Some long earrings even have tassels or faux feathers attached for a touch of bohemian glamour to accent evening attire.

Others have a simpler look, and many of these more delicate yet long dangling earrings are made of silver strands.

Get Stylish With Brooches

Remember brooches? Yes, that old-fashioned accessory is back. They have a retro look, and many are oversized and colorful for a bold effect, such as delicate pearls knotted together for an ornate appearance.

Chunky futuristic-style brooches are also trending for the winter season and are ideal to consider when you’re acquiring cash for gold.


Earrings no longer need to match, which means even more jewelry can be showcased. That’s right, each ear can have a different earring for a creative, mismatched look — such as gold hoop earrings with embellishments like beads or fringe to make a fashion-forward statement.