Dental Emergency Preparedness —What to Do in a Crisis?

Dental emergencies often come when least expected. However, the amount of unbearable pain they tag along with themselves makes the individually discomfort. An individual needs to know about these dental emergencies and how to be prepared for them. If you get to know how to be prepared for these emergencies, then you can attain pain management, prevent further damage, and reduce your stress. If you have to face any dental emergencies, then a dentist in Mooresville, NC, can provide you with the best treatment and service. In this blog, you will learn about dental emergency preparedness: what to do in a crisis.

  • Avulsed tooth

First of all, the meaning of an avulsed tooth is a tooth that has been knocked out, no matter what the reason is. If you get in a fight or you are clumsy, and you get your tooth knocked out, the first thing you should do is rinse your mouth with warm water to stop the bleeding, pick up the tooth from its tip, and keep it in milk or a cup of saliva to remove dirt and blood. You should immediately seek dental care attention so that you can save your tooth.

  • Sudden toothache

Toothache can happen at any time. Due to your poor oral health care, you get your gums bleeding, bad breathing, or cavities. Poor oral hygiene often leads to toothache. It is highly recommended to rinse your mouth with warm salt water; it helps ease the pain by reducing the inflammation. However, the relief is temporary. Hence, you should go and visit your oral health care provider and discuss how to take care of your oral health.

  • Lost filling or crown

Sometimes, grinding your teeth or chewing your food too hard may result in losing dental filling or crown. There are many other reasons for it, but what will you do if you lose your crown? You can go to a pharmacy and apply temporary dental cement after rinsing your mouth with warm water to clean the opening. However, the cement will be temporary, so it will be better if you schedule an appointment with your dentist and have a treatment to fill up that crown.

  • Broken or chipped tooth

Many accidents can cause a broken tooth or chipped. You just have to calm down, rinse your mouth with some warm water, and apply gauze to the bleeding part to stop it. Then, you should seek immediate dental care attention from a dentist so that you can save your tooth. 

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