Dental Services at Perio and Implant Center

Periodontists and dental implant specialists are located in Monterey, CA and Sunnyvale, CA. Led by Dr. Jochen Pechak, DDS, MSD, Perio and Implant Center of Monterey Bay how to cycle clenbuterol and Silicon Valley, has offices in Sunnyvale and Monterey, California, and offers practices on the placement of dental implants as well as the replacement of single or every tooth in the mouth. The teams of experts have a wide range of experience and provide their services with absolute competence with the aim of providing the best possible services to their patients. Perio and Implant Centers of Monterey has served many patients in need of dental implants in Sunnyvale and is the best in tooth implant mastery.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a practice that involves replacement for a missing tooth root and is made up of a titanium post that is inserted into the patients’ jawbone. At Perio and Implant Center, Dr. Jochen Pechak performs the surgical part of the implant treatment, and then the general dentist attaches an abutment in the area where the implant should take place and then tops it with crown, bridge, or dentures to replace the missing teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants do not slide or slip, unlike the partial or full dentures, and give a natural look and feel. They are not accompanied by any discomfort and hassle that come with conventional dentures, and the patient does not notice the presence of the teeth once it is placed in the jawbone. The implant gives patients a complete smile that enhances beauty and gives a confidence boost. After the implant, eating and speech are not affected in any way, and the teeth are easy to clean since they are cleaned just like the natural teeth. The team of specialists at Perio and Implant Center of Monterey Bay and the Silicon Valley examine the patients’ dental implant options and discuss with the patient the most suitable implant for them.

What should patients expect during dental implant surgery? 

Dr. Pechak first determines whether the patient has healthy gum tissue and enough bone required in support of the implant. He then schedules the initial surgery where the implant is inserted in the jawbone to act as an artificial root. For the bone to fuse around the screw, the implant takes 3-4 months for it to heal, providing the patient with ultimate stability. After healing, Dr. Pechak confirms the implant stability then gives permission to proceed to the general dentist to attach the abutment to the implant. The general dentist then places a temporary crown on the abutment taking an impression of the patients’ smile and sends it to the lab where a permanent crown is made matching the patients’ natural teeth. A later appointment is then scheduled to seal the permanent crown in place.


Teeth-in-An-Hour is a revolutionary procedure that provides a patient with fully functioning teeth on dental implants and takes an hour to place. Computer-guided implant surgery is done in a minimally invasive way possible to place the metal post in the jaw. The crown/bridge which is made in the lab before the implant visit is placed on the post during the same visit. After the practice, a patient is able to resume his or her normal routine the next day with no pain and beautiful looking teeth.

Patients suffering from missing tooth conditions should seek medication at Perio and Implant Center of Monetary Bay and Silicon Valley where quality treatment is guaranteed.