Different faces of kratom – Powder, capsules, extracts

Tropical evergreen Mitragyna speciosa trees grow in Southeast Asia. Thais and Malaysians have known its stimulant effects for centuries, as well as using it to substitute for opium. Herbal supplements like kratom are becoming increasingly popular in the West.

Kratom powder

The most basic and commonly used form is crushed or powdered kratom leaf. Kratom leaves are dried, and then finely ground into a silky powder. The coarseness of the powder varies greatly between different brands and batches. Generally, the more finely powdered kratom tends to dissolve better. Kratom powder is swallowed directly by “toss and wash”, mixed with water or juice, or added to foods and smoothies. Since the powder is very bitter and earthy-tasting, chasing with something sweet or acidic helps mask the flavor. Concentrated fruit juices and chocolate milk work well to disguise the taste. 

A simple kratom tea also be made by steeping the powder in hot water and then straining out the powder. Adding lemon juice, honey or sugar makes the tea more palatable. The convenience, flexibility, and reliability of plain kratom powder make it a staple for most users. The effects come on within about 15-45 minutes and typically last for around 4-5 hours. Because powder is quick-acting and easy to adjust serving sizes, it’s a good choice when experimenting to find your ideal dose.

Kratom capsules

what does kratom do? Kratom capsules contain powdered leaves enclosed inside either a gelatin-based cap or a cellulose-based cap. The main advantage of capsules is avoiding the taste and texture of the powder. It makes taking kratom much easier and more pleasant for those who don’t enjoy the earthy flavor. Capsules also allow for precise measuring of doses. Kratom users who want to carefully track their usage will appreciate it.Capsules typically come in sizes from 500 mg per capsule up to 1 gram (1,000 mg) per capsule. So it’s easy to increase or decrease your dosage in 500 mg to 1 gram increments.

Kratom capsules is that they take longer to dissolve in your stomach, therefore taking longer to feel the effects. The onset of effects typically occurs between 30-45 minutes. You reduce the waiting time by taking capsules with a hot drink, which helps dissolve the gelatin covering more quickly. Additionally, capsules tend to be a little more expensive per dose than powder. But many feel the extra convenience is worth the slightly higher cost.

Kratom extracts 

Kratom extracts are concentrated forms of the leaf’s alkaloids. They are processed to filter out most of the plant material and isolate the active compounds. It makes them significantly more potent by weight than dried or powdered leaves. Extracts are sold in viscosities ranging from 15x to even 100x the strength of standard kratom powder. So doses need to be carefully measured and controlled to achieve the desired effects and avoid side effects. Always start very low when experimenting with extracts to assess your tolerance. A major benefit of extracts is convenience and portability. Just a small amount is needed to feel strong effects. It also makes extracts more cost-efficient for those with already high kratom powder tolerances. Less material is needed per dose.