Digital Fitness Solution by NESTA and Spencer Institute Following COVID-19 Crisis 

People have survived before and people will survive now. With the world making efforts to slow down the spread of COVID-19 virus, sports facilities and gyms have closed down worldwide. As a result, a majority of people were unable to resume their usual exercise regime. Do you wonder how did COVID-19 affect the fitness industry? With sports facilities and gyms closed to contain the spreading of the virus, the fitness industry has suffered a major setback. 

Social distancing, a means to contain the spreading of the virus, has its benefits. It will help you stay safe from the contagious COVID-19 virus. Scientists and doctors across the world have been working to create a vaccine for infected people. However, by the time the world receives a vaccine for the pandemic, it will be in your best interest to enhance your immunity to fight the pandemic. Your fitness will play a significant role in keeping you safe from the virus. 

How COVID-19 has affected the gym industry

How to stay fit while adhering to social distancing 

Because it may take time to find vaccination or medicine for COVID-19, one should look forward to finding a suitable solution to keep him or her fit while observing social distancing. You should adhere to a minimum of twenty to thirty minutes of training regime a week. It should be a moderate physical activity, which should not be difficult for you despite being homebound. An array of digital offerings has been made at your behest to ensure that you could continue exercise while adhering to the social distancing rule. 

Personal trainers working from home are looking up to the latest means of keeping the people fit during the COVID-19 crisis. You should make the most of the latest technology working in your favor. They will help you build a home gym along with making a great living without actually traveling out of their home space. Personal trainers will not be required to split the profits with the studio, health club, or the gym. They would help you learn how to stay fit while sitting at home and keeping safe from the pandemic. 

How do fitness professionals benefit from the home training module? 

Working from home would offer you a plethora of benefits. To begin with, the home office set-up for health and wellness coaches would save offer tax benefits. They would be able to spend more time with the family along with providing you adequate fitness and training exercises meeting your specific needs and budget. Apart from training the people, fitness professionals would also have time for their exercise and workouts. The time wasted on visiting the gym or home of the client would be saved largely. It would also help the fitness professionals in doing more of what keeps them happy. They would not be required to pay a per-client fee as the contractor in the gym. 

The NESTA and Spencer Institute will also offer you online coach certification courses free of charge on registering with any certification or certificate program for the institute. After you register with any certification course, the institute would help you gain private access to all training materials.