Digital Nomad Travel Essentials

This past year has presented an opportunity for many to consider the change to a digital nomad way of life as remote working opportunities become more common, and with this year offering more of the same with perhaps more opportunity for a permanent change too – whilst international travel may not be entirely possible right now, there will be a chance to explore more options in the coming months – so what are some travel essentials when considering a change to becoming a digital nomad?

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Remote working visas – Although it’s easy to look at the past year and see all bad, there have been some great things to come as a result of the pandemic – for digital nomads this has come in the way of remote working visas. A number of different countries have begun to offer visas aimed particularly at those looking to work remotely during the pandemic and may continue to offer them after too, some options can be found here of the best available depending on your needs. Depending on where you’re looking at, these visas can have a bit of a steep price, but if you’re considering a longer term stay then that isn’t such a bad thing and may help you to find your new temporary working home.

Universal travel adapters and battery packs – A no brainer to add to the list, but certainly something that is easy to forget when embarking on a big trip. If you’re going for a longer stay, battery packs may not be as required but the need for universal travel adapters certainly are – it’s worth forking over a little extra here for the protection that the higher end models have and is certainly something you won’t want to skimp on with your expensive electronics on the line, particularly if they’re your livelihood. Shorter trips you can rely much more on battery packs, and a couple of high-capacity ones can last for a good while if you know how to use them. Certainly, something to invest in and go for a little higher end – after all, these are going to be going with you everywhere, and reliability is key.

Research, research, research! – Whilst travelling itself doesn’t need to be made stressful, any good digital nomad will tell you that no amount of research is too much before your big trip – you’ll be able to find where the best public locations are for working, best places to stay, and anything else that may make your trip much easier. No essential could be more important than ensuring you’ve got a good grasp on what to expect when you arrive – the sense of mystery in travel can still be found when you arrive, but knowing you have the necessities in place will make things much more comfortable for the remainder of your stay.