Discover all about Cancun!

Cancun is the paradise on-earth capital of Mexico with incredible beachfront access to the Caribbean Sea. There are such a large number of more activities in Cancun other than the seashores!

Known as the portal to the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun is regularly the first travel experience that most Americans have in Mexico. Up to 40% of American explorers are picking Mexico for their get-away.

I’ll be the first to reveal to you that Cancun isn’t my preferred spot in Mexico.

It resembles a Mexican Las Vegas — swarmed and loaded with offensive first-time sightseers terrified of drinking the water or leaving their all-inclusive hotels.

There’s additionally a large number of understudies who visit Mexico during Spring Break to party hard and get a tan . totally skirting any social encounters.

The city has some beautiful nightlife and delightful seashores. Yet, there are numerous other fun activities in Cancun that a great many people miss.

In case you intend to invest some energy in Cancun, I needed to suggest a portion of my preferred fun and unordinary activities, regardless of what season you visit.

Cancun is partitioned into two regions. Downtown, otherwise called Ciudad Cancun — and Cancun Island, otherwise called The Hotel Zone or “Zona Hotelera.”

The Hotel Zone is the essential vacationer region. Synonymous with resorts, sailboats, wild nightlife, and seashores. It’s a 15-mile segment of sand formed like the number seven. This is the place the vast majority remain.

As the name infers, there are vast amounts of lodgings just as a large portion of the nightlife and seashores. Cafés and bars line the main street, Kulkukan Boulevard, which runs from one side of the Hotel Zone to the next.

Visit Downtown Cancun

If you become ill of the traveler Disneyland that is the Hotel Zone, Downtown Cancun gives a sample of nearby culture, with delicious road nourishment, little shops, green parks, and Mexican Wrestling!

Downtown Cancun (otherwise known as Ciudad Cancun) is the first local location for local people, as well. This is the place every one of the individuals who work in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula vacationer industry in real life.

Meander down to Avenida Tulum to see and experience the “genuine” Cancun. In case you’re a foodie, make a point to stuff your face brimming with tacos from the merchants there. There’s a decent park as well, called Parque Las Palapas.


Swimming turquoise blue Carribean waters is a sea movement you can’t miss while visiting Cancun. One astounding submerged fascination is the Underwater Museum — or MUSA.

Five hundred figures were made from materials that energize coral reef improvement. Colossal hands, statues of local people, and VW Beetles, the shows are encompassed by natural sea life, giving you an extraordinary encounter.

MUSA keeps on extending, as more models are included, while marine animals are consuming the old ones. You can book a swimming visit straightforwardly, beginning at USD 30.

How to get to Cancun downtown and hotel zone

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Enjoy your trip to Cancun!