Dispelling Myths About Hair Tattooing: Separating Fact from Fiction

Hair tattoo alias Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) has become the most sought-after cosmetic procedure for hair loss concerns. With just a skilled practitioner and quality pigmentation inks, you no longer have to worry about bad hair/no hair days. 

However, as much as scalp micropigmentation is a game changer for all with hair concerns, some shy away from regaining their confidence due to certain myths about the head tattoo. Is it really painful? Are men the only candidates suitable? Well, those are some of the myths we will debunk today.

So, if you have been reluctant to get the head hair tattoo due to such reasons, stick around as we unveil what is really true or not. Let’s get started!

Common Myths About Hair Tattoos 

Hair Tattoos Look Unnatural 

Hair tattoos look unnatural is one common myth that most people believe. While it’s easy to assume that the results of SMP are just black dots on the scalp, this is not usually the case.

Firstly, SMP is not done by your typical tattooist. Secondly, a skilled practitioner, vigorously trained, knows how to use the electric needle to mimic the appearance of your existing hair follicles. Plus, the colour pigmentation used matches your hair colour and skin tone, resulting in a natural-looking appearance.

Hair Tattoos are Painful

The bare thought of an electric needle going through your scalp seems painful, right? Surprisingly, it’s not! Hair tattoos Sydney, are actually less painful than getting a normal tattoo on any part of your body. 

Those who have undergone the procedure claim that the level of the pain is usually a 2-4 on a scale of 10. Additionally, practitioners apply a numbing cream before the procedure, reducing discomfort.

Limited to Scalp Application

Hair tattoo Perth is not limited to the scalp only. Those with receding hairlines can also benefit. Hair tattoo Melbourne customises hairlines to match your face, shape, skin tone, and age. Additionally, hair SMP is not only limited to those with baldness. Those with thinning hair can also get the SMP to create an illusion of thick hair in the affected areas.


SMP results usually last for 3-5 years.

This means that the procedure is not permanent and usually fades over time. However, those who wish to extend the duration of their head hair tattoo are recommended to follow up with their SMP practitioner after every 12- 18 months to keep the colour and density looking fresh.

Only for Severe Hair Loss

As mentioned above, hair tattoos are not limited to people with baldness. Anyone facing hair loss concerns can benefit from the procedure. For example, if you have thinning hair on some parts of your scalp, a skilled practitioner should be able to fix those areas without affecting the healthy parts. Moreover, cancer patients and those suffering from hair loss conditions like alopecia areata can also leverage the cosmetic procedure.

Limited to Certain Hair types

Honestly, scalp micropigmentation is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that can be effectively applied to all hair types. Whether you have straight, curly, coarse or fine hair, you can regain your hair confidence. SMP practitioners adjust the technique and pigment shades to match individual hair characteristics, ensuring a natural-fuller appearance regardless of your hair type.

All Practitioners Deliver the Same Result

Just like the level of experience and knowledge affect the quality of results, the same adage also applies to hair tattoos. If you get the procedure done by a non-qualified professional, it’s no surprise that you will get the undesired results. Conversely, if you get a hair tattoo Sydney from a well-trained practitioner, you can be assured that you will get long-lasting results and natural-looking results.

No After Care Necessary 

On the contrary, proper post-treatment care is crucial. After getting the SMP, your practitioner should be able to provide you with aftercare guidelines for optimal healing and long-lasting results. 

Maintaining a clean scalp, avoiding sun exposure, saying no to harsh hair products, and immediate use of water are some of the general guidelines given to SMP clients after the procedure. Neglecting this aftercare leads to premature fading, uneven pigmentations, and even worse complications.

Hair Tattoos Fade Quickly

Generally, head hair tattoos should last for 3-5 years, but this can vary depending on lifestyle. If you are one that overlooks the importance of aftercare guidelines, your head tattoo is bound to fade quickly. However, if you strictly and correctly follow the aftercare guidelines, you can expect long-lasting results. One should go for 2-3 sessions to acquire the desired results.

Hair Tattoos are Unsuitable for Women

Not true! Whether you are a woman or a man, black or white, curly or straight, you can benefit from scalp micropigmentation. Most women leverage hair SMPs to cover areas with thinning hair and restore receding hairlines. And let’s not forget that women also look incredible with shaved heads, too, making it perfect for both men and women.

Now that you have clarity of what a hair tattoo involves and what is true or not, the next step is to find a qualified SMP practitioner for desirable results. Hair tattoos in Sydney are available in many options. With the help of your SMP practitioner, you should be able to make an informed decision or have them provide you with a customised solution to suit all your needs. Why wait? Get the Hair tattoo Perth and achieve the thicker, fuller hair you have always wanted.

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