Do’s & Don’ts When Selling Your Home

As the market is moving fast, it can change overnight. Still, there are some general best practices to follow if you are planning to sell your home. More importantly, there are several mistakes you should avoid when selling your property.  Before you get started, you will need to hire a title company like MacGregor Abstract to help with your paperwork, such as the RP-5217 form.

Here are a few of do’s & don’ts for first-time home sellers:

Do This:

#1 – Have Proper Lighting

Having your home properly lit inside & out is not only attractive to possible buyers but also enhances the look of your listing picture. As your listing pictures are your first impression on your buyers, make sure you grab their attention. If possible, get light bulbs with high watt to make your house more attractive & sellable.

#2 – Price it Properly

Make sure you work with someone who can build the best price strategy as per the current market trends. During slow-moving markets, the right price homes can and will still sell. It’s a matter of working with an experienced listing agent who understands your areas & has a record of success.

#3 – Make Your Kitchen the Show Stopper

Your kitchen is one of the most important spaces that help to sell your home quickly at a great price. Several benefits come from kitchen remodeling. While a hefty investment, you want to get 85% of your money back from selling. Some fast & cost-effective updates to consider involve fresh paint & new cabinet hardware.

Don’t Do This

#4 – Sell Without a Real Estate Agent

There is no doubt that it’s possible to sell your property yourself. However, you should do your research first. Without an agent you will be responsible for marketing, dealing with the company, handling legal documents and negotiations. In short, you need to hire a real estate attorney to help with the legal parts of the transaction process. You can avoid all of these headaches by working with a professional.

#5 – Be Unrealistic with Your Listing Price

Overpricing your house is another mistake as a seller you should avoid. The listing price could easily be harmful to selling your property. When you hire an agent, they will look at your property in your area and see their value along with your appraisal. And then they price your home accordingly to attract buyers.

#6 – Let Simple Updates, Repairs Go Unfinished

If you are ready to sell and you’ve got a list of minor updates for some time, get this fixed ASAP. From replacing outlets to patching scratches and minor holes in the walls, invest the few dollars and times to fix these issues when selling a house. People planning to purchase your house look at your property with a critical eye. The more problems they notice, the less attractive your home looks to potential buyers even if those issues are minor.

The Bottom Line!

By following these do’s & don’ts, you can sell your home quickly. Apart from selling your house, you are also looking for a new home at the same time. So, it’s vital to get in touch with a dedicated & highly experienced real estate agent during this process. In addition, the amount of homes you can afford depends on the sale of your existing property.