Easy Art Fundraisers For Preschool Kids

If you think parents are not excited about fundraisers, you may need to try art fundraisers to see what excitement looks like. They may not be excited about fundraisers, but they are certainly excited when it comes to seeing their kid’s handiwork. Every parent will be happy to see their kids doing amazing things and they will come all out to show support for them.

Art fundraisers bring out the creative sides of the kids. It sparks creativity in them and helps them to explore their interests. Over the years, preschool fundraisers have proven to be one of the most productive, high-profit yielding, fun, and interesting fundraisers. It gets high parent involvement, as parents would normally come out to see the amazing things their kids are doing.  For the easiest fundraising solutions, visit www.fundraisingzone.com

How does the art fundraiser work?

The idea of fundraising is to raise money for a specific school project, and that is simply what the art fundraiser helps you to achieve. The kids are made to create lovely arts and designs that the parents come in to buy on the fundraising day.

The kids are encouraged to invite members of their family, including their parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunties. The family members then bid on the artwork and the bidder with the best price takes the art. Kids’ arts are special and unique, every parent will want to keep their kid’s art.

The school provides materials needed for the kids to create magic art. They then prepare the artworks to be displayed for the parents to buy. The school uses art fundraising as a self-discovery project for the kids. They show their creativity and their parents support them.

Art fundraisers ideas

  • Art gallery fundraiser

The art gallery is a great art fundraiser idea to try. Take the kid’s artwork and frame it in glass. Get framing equipment from a local store around you. Framing the artwork will make it more appealing to look at. Tell the kids to invite their family and friends to the art gallery fundraisers to see their artwork.

You can charge an admission/entrance fee to the gallery. Parents can then come in to buy their child’s wall art, wall tile or ready-to-hang artwork for a small fee. Ensure that the artist appends his signature over the artwork.

  • The art Auction

This also takes place in the art gallery, but the only difference is the manner of purchase. The manner of purchase here is an auction. It is a struggle for ownership between the family members. They have to bid against one another to win the kid’s artwork. A proud uncle bids against a proud father. Someone has to win the artwork; the highest bidder does. The more the bid, the higher the price of the artwork.

To make more money from the piece, you can have it in more color copies to sell to the family members that lost the bid.  The art auction is fun, exciting, and a good way to raise a lot of money.

  • Coffee cups featuring kids’ artwork

Customize coffee cups with the kids’ artwork. There are online companies that can customize the kid’s art over coffee cups for you to resell. You can make up to 50% profit on every sale. Encourage the parents to invite family and friends to buy coffee cups with your child’s artwork as a form of support for the fundraising event.

  • T-shirts featuring your kid’s artwork

Just like the coffee cups, some companies can customize the kids’ artwork over t-shirts for you to resell on your fundraising events. Every proud dad, mom, grandparent, uncle, and aunt would love to buy a t-shirt featuring their lovely baby’s artwork.

  • Online art shop

You can put up the kids’ art up for sale on online stores. There are stores that buy kid’s artworks and design them over items. This can as well help you raise a lot of money for your goal.

Conclusively, the kids’ artwork can be customized on every item parents wish to have them on. This is a way to show support and encourage the kids. The art preschool fundraiser idea is a top fundraiser that works every time. It also yields a high profit. It brings out the supportive side of every parent. So, if you think parents have not been getting involved in fundraising, you should try the art fundraisers and see the power of parental support.