Educational sector in India: The contribution of NGO organizations in education

The importance of stressing the fact to educate every single child born in the world can be visible. The key reason is these days people are understanding the value that education adds to one’s life and to create a better career. This does not mean that people who aren’t educated well do not lead a successful life but the chance of winning is less. So, the reason nongovernmental organizations are putting into this idea will be valid for a lifetime.

Benefits of education:

Trying to educate a single kid in a family is becoming a hard task in many families these days as food becomes their priority. In a family of multiple kids’ parents either choose to educate a single child and this where the gender barrier arises. That is when the topic of education of girl child has to be more emphasized as they are still having hurdles that stop them from education. The key idea of education is to arm the person to withstand any situation of life and education is the wealth that could never be exploited.

To become a better person to make better lifestyle and career and kids those are educated from underprivileged families the work hard to uplift their society as well. When we educate girl child, they learn to set standards beyond the gender norms the society has set all those decades. If one educates a boy, he lives for his family but while educating a female child she becomes an inspiration for every woman to succeed.

NGO contribution:

NGOs play a predominant role in reducing the illiteracy rate in our country through their various sources. When we take a deep look into the topic the volunteers and workers of those organizations look for sources not only to educate a child but also to find the children to be educated. Even many NGO organizations specify to educate girl child as many families get the female child married at a young age just because they stay idle at home. They look up for help from many INGOs and educational organizations to help learn children free of cost.

Why emphasize women’s education?

Gender norms and problems are not fully recovered even in this modern era so that for a female to equally to compete with men in this world knowledge and education is the only weapon. Though we are in modern age still education of girl child is being hard to achieve a goal for many children. For health, women empowerment, employment, and education there are different roles NGOs play yet there are more for women specifically because only when we get nearer to the goal of educating every single child. 

In remote places where having a bathroom is still a big deal to achieve, we cannot expect families to send their children to main areas for education. It is not their mistake yet it is our role to rectify those mistakes because we have the chance and capability to make our country with a hundred percent literacy rate in the future.