Eligibility For Bariatric Surgery

If you are overweight and looking for weight loss and you have tried various strenuous weight loss exercises, extensive diet plans, and non-surgical procedures for weight loss, then you might look at the possibility of bariatric surgery. 

Bariatric surgeries involve procedures that cut some part of the stomach to eat less food or feel full in a small meal. Different surgeries, including gastric bypass or a gastric sleeve, have different procedures, but the motive of both surgeries is the same. 

Every person who is looking for weight loss cannot opt for bariatric surgery. The surgery has its complications and guidelines. A McKinney bariatric, general & laparoscopic surgeon can guide you through the procedure, explain all possible risks, and what has to be done after recovery. 

Who can be a candidate for bariatric surgery? 

Bariatric surgeries are complex surgeries, and not everyone is ideal for them. Although bariatric surgery has promising results, it also has eligibility criteria. A few of the most common criteria have been mentioned below: 

BMI Greater Than 40 – A body mass index value of more than 40 is a severe condition known as morbid obesity. Generally, a BMI of 18-25 is considered normal, in between 25-30 overweight and 30-39 is considered obese. 

BMI can be easily calculated using weight in kilograms and height in meters. All you have to do is divide your body weight by your height two times. For example, if a person weighs 70 kilograms and his height is 1.70 meters. So the BMI can be calculated as 70/(1.70×1.70), and BMI comes around 24, which is considered normal. 

Having such a value of BMI can make a person eligible for bariatric surgery.

Having Potentially Fatal Complications: Being overweight can lead to several complications, which can be fatal. Obesity can result in:

  • Heart disease
  • Increase chances of a stroke
  • Type two diabetes mellitus
  • A fatty liver

These complications can cause severe problems if not treated in time. Therefore a person with any difficulties along with excessive weight can be a candidate for bariatric surgery. 

The last point which can make a person eligible for bariatric surgery is if the person has tried all possible ways to lose weight but has failed. Moreover, some patients feel depressed or demotivated due to their appearance and opt for bariatric surgery. 

You can contact your doctor to learn more about bariatric surgery. After physical examination, your doctor will confirm that you need bariatric surgery, or a combination of exercise and diet will be sufficient.