Enjoy the technology with the best electrical wiring in your home 

As the gift of technology electricity is one of the key aspects of every house. Most of the appliances in the house are operated using electricity. On the other hand, when they are not handled properly there are chances for a number of dangers. Here are certain tips that help you have the electrical connections in your house. 

Materials used

Most common materials that are used in most of the houses is aluminum or copper. These offer low resistance, easily minable and present in abundance in the earth’s crust. Some other advantages of using these metals and they are suitable in the following ways. 

  • They are cost efficient 
  • Possess longer life
  • Low resistance 
  • There will not be any breakage in the current 
  • Easy to be insulated

The thickness of the wire

In the market, you can find wires that are of different thickness and based on the thickness you can have the current flow. High thickness wire will conduct a high flow of current and lower thickness will carry lower current. There are needs of both the types of wires in a house but the thing is the place they are used. Since the meter box needs to carry a lot of current the ticker wire is required near that and inside the rooms, it is enough to have thinner wires. 

The need for copper wires 

There can be any number of metals but the copper is the metal that is used in the field of electrical and electrical cable. They have good conductivity of electricity, possess high current carrying capacity. They with minimum heat loss and they are not easily affected by high temperatures since they have a high melting point. They are also not the metals that could easily contract or expand even after application of temperature. 

Wires based on the requirement 

In a house, there are a number of appliances and not all of them works under the same values of current. For example, a LED needs only 30 milliamperes of current but a microwave needs 5 amps of current to works. So, the kitchen needs thick wire and also equipment like an air conditioner that takes 6 amps of power need tick wiring. Seek helps from the right electrician and make the arrangements appropriately to have the right connections. 

Need of rewiring 

When it is the house that is constructed before the 1980s using aluminum wires have high possibilities to catch fire easily. Generally, the house that is built and when the electrical wiring becomes 40-45 years old it is better to retire to avoid higher dangers and losses. The rewiring should be done using the copper wires and it is also better to rewire your house if you are with the electrical connection with the aluminum cables. 

The technology is, of course, useful but only when you properly care and maintain them. If you do not do them properly it will show you the negative effects and the consequences may be highly dangerous.