Essential Deals for Choosing the Honey

Even if it contains fructose and glucose, honey is not a sugar like the others. It is rather easy to select on the supermarket shelves white sugar because it has no (or little) taste, smell and flavor, unlike honey. In addition, the regulations concerning the labeling of these jars are very free, and you will not necessarily find the right information on the components above. These tips will help you choose the best jar of honey according to your preferences which will delight your taste buds but which will also help to treat your little sores. You can get more info  about it now.

Always choose a jar of raw honey so little or even untreated

Honey is a natural substance produced by bees and harvested by beekeepers. It is therefore a natural product until it is collected and put in a pot, and it is from this stage that certain manufacturers allow themselves certain “largesse”.

Tell yourself one thing: when we talk about quality honey, we are talking about unprocessed honey therefore raw or raw . This allows it to retain all of its minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.

A good jar of honey should be treated as a minimum, which means:

That it should only be slightly filtered: with little or no impurities, without crystals or small deposits, it is the sign of an excessively filtered honey

That it should only have been heated at low temperatures: high temperatures destroy good nutrients

That it must not have been mixed: these producers allow themselves to combine pure honey with adjuvants such as corn syrup, water or even worse. Besides being raw, if the honey jar is organic, that’s good.

Honey is considered organic if the bee foraging area has not been polluted by any synthetic chemical. It must also be far from large cities and industrial complexes.

In addition, no unnatural pesticide, no transgenic gene or any other synthetic product can be used to prepare or store honey. When it is harvested with non-polluting devices in a bee hive made with natural materials, it is still in an organic state. You can check on the label if the AB label is printed (Organic Farming).

Also take into account your taste preferences

Its color must please you

When choosing any food, you should never disparage its color because, before tasting a dish, you must appreciate its appearance. If you prefer light yellow honeys, opt for a jar of dandelion honey, thyme, or lavender.

Buckwheat honey as well as that from chestnut is rather dark, which is also reflected in a strong fragrance and flavor.

Its scent is often related to its color

The second sense that comes into play during a tasting is probably smell. As seen above, the darker the honey, the more powerful the odor that will emanate from the jar, often woody.

Its flavor, like its fragrance, will most often reflect its taste

Ditto that its fragrance, the darker the honey, the more its flavor will be pronounced. If your palate is rather delicate, direct your choice towards a slightly clear yellow pot.