EuroMillions and Eurojackpot – Not Only For European Residents

Are you looking for a way to start playing some new games but you’re just not quite sure where to start? If you’re thinking about venturing into online lotto or you’re looking for some way to break out of your normal rut you should absolutely be taking a look at the European games that are currently being played. Even better, you don’t have to worry about actually living anywhere in Europe to get started on them. And they’re going to be a lot of fun.

No More Limitations

Not that long ago there were all kinds of limitations to how you could play your favorite lotto games and what games you were allowed to play. You used to be limited to only the games that were available in your country, and specifically in your town. If the game wasn’t offered at your local convenience store you just weren’t able to get involved. But that’s not the case anymore. Now, the lotto world has opened up immensely and there are a number of great options available for you. One of those is lotto from all around the world. 


The EuroMillions is one of the two most popular lotto games in Europe (we’ll talk about the other in a minute) and it offers a jackpot of at least €17 million. That’s definitely going to be something you want a part of, right? Well, all you need to do is purchase a ticket and with this game you need to choose a total of seven numbers. In the EuroMillions the largest jackpot possible is actually €190 million. 

If a jackpot ticket isn’t drawn when the jackpot gets to that amount the next highest prize will get a little larger. Even more, this game requires a winner within four drawings of reaching the maximum. If there is still no one with a match of all seven numbers then the people with six numbers matching will split the jackpot instead. That’s definitely something you’re going to want a piece of, right? 


The other top game in Europe is the Eurojackpot. This game starts with a jackpot of €10 million and can get up to €90 million. The idea with this game is that you need to match seven numbers again. You buy your ticket by choosing your own numbers or by letting the service you purchase through choose for you on what’s considered an ‘easy pick.’

The idea for this game is that it should be easier to win, and should pay out more often than some other games and for this reason it used to have a rolldown that meant people who matched fewer than the seven numbers would have a chance to win the jackpot if it kept going for long enough. That’s no longer the case however, so you’ll need to keep working toward that full match.

Playing the Games

If you’re looking to play these games and you don’t live in a participating European country (or even in a European country at all) you can absolutely still do it. All you need is a service like that will help you get access to all of the best lottery games. You’ll be able to take a look at different options, pick out the tickets that you want and play the game the same way someone who lives in that area would. It’s all entirely legal and it’s going to give you the same chances as everyone else. That’s the great thing about online lottery. 

The key is making sure that you are working with a reputable company to purchase your tickets and that you know what kind of games you’re getting into. You’re going to be more than happy with the opportunity to win in different countries, right? Those jackpots are all a possibility now.