Everything You Need To Know About Naossoft

This article is an introduction to a new software and business consulting company called Naossoft. They have been making a lot of noise in the industry, mostly because of their marketing approach which the CEO and founder Phanel Petit calls creative and innovative marketing strategy. It has gained a lot of attention so it’s fair to say that it is working. The company has launched a series of video ads, some can be seen here on their video portfolio page: https://naossoft.com/media-video-portfolio/

According to the CEO there is no better way to proove your worth to a potential client than using your own company as a proof of concept. Naossoft is a vivid example of how we market our products and services. At Naossoft, we understand the importance of video and social media marketing. We are story tellers, that’s how we captivate the users’ attention. We pay attention to details, we treat every project with the love and care it deserves to be successful. We promise to help you grow your brand by making real connections with your audience and potential customers. We’ll also post your videos into more than one place from youtube to facebook, vimeo, Twitter and Linkedin. We’ll turn your videos into brand advocates, you will also be able to analyze the stats from every platform.

We will help you disrupt markets and the competition through creative and innovative web services and media marketing. We are a one stop shop – a full digital marketing and web development agency. Our web development package includes skill assessment test, business consulting, content, logo, graphic design, video and animation, domain set up, email, server configuration, requirement, design, build, deployment to production, and support.

We understand there are many options to choose from when it comes to web development, nowadays everybody does websites. The question is are you serious about a professional fully integrated, innovative website with the latest trends and technology that can pull, interact with your customers, and generate revenue.

Technology is everywhere and touch our lives in diverse ways.

Naossoft is where brilliant ideas and technological advancements are born. That’s what drives the discoveries we make and the technologies we create and implement. Naossoft is a vibrant and innovative company, technology is at the heart of everything we do. Check us out at www.naossoft.com