All of us have experienced situations when we were compelled to cancel our flights due to unforeseen exigency and then struggled with the flight refund procedure. If you too have undergone such instances after making your flight ticket booking, then you are not alone. The refund procedure is difficult for real. And sometimes, it can be time taking too. However, if you make your booking from SpiceJet, you can relax on the entire process of refund as they conduct it quite seamlessly. Want to know more about their procedure and policy? Well, then keep reading and you will know.

Cancellation of confirmed tickets

Sometimes, due to unfortunate situations when you have to postpone your travel, you are required to either book another alternate flight from the same airline or take a refund to avoid the squandering of your money. For such cases, SpiceJet Airlines’ refund policy asks you to first fill an application form where you need to put in all the details of your address, the travel date of your flights and the cause for the cancellation. If your tickets are cancelled by the airlines, they will provide you with a seat on an alternate flight based on your need. However, if that is not possible, you will get a full refund of your ticket price. However, to get the refund, you have to call the helpline number of SpiceJet and communicate with the customer care official about your request. You can even visit the airline ticket counter to get your refund approved by the SpiceJet authorities.

Short notice cancellation of flight bookings

If your SpiceJet flight is cancelled within 24 hours of your booking the ticket, you will get a full refund of the ticket price. However, if you have cancelled the booking 24 hours after the scheduled start, then the airlines will apply a cancellation fee and refund you the amount after deducting the cancellation fee. If your SpiceJet flights are rescheduled or delayed by the airlines owing to various unexpected reasons, you can also apply for a refund. The policies of SpiceJet for refund are simple and hassle-free. In case the issue is not resolved, you may take it to the higher officials to solve the dispute.

Change of connecting flights

If you want to change flights, you will have to pay a sufficient charge as stated by the airlines. Besides, if you have booked an expensive ticket than your first one, then you will have to sort it out and adjust the pricing accordingly. If the change is for a domestic flight, then you can change your flight 2 hours before the scheduled start of the original flight. For international flights, the duration is 4 hours. If you have purchased your flight tickets from any travel agent or online travel portal, then the refund shall take 30 working days to be processed.

Insurance coverage

Recently, SpiceJet has also announced zero cancellation charges for its passengers due to the pandemic that has hit the world. Passengers whose scheduled flights have been cancelled can communicate with Liberty General Insurance for a total reimbursement of the flight price. You must remember that add-on services like the meals, convenience fee, priority check-in, excess baggage charge, etc. will not be considered when you claim for your refund in SpiceJet. Apart from this, you must claim the refund up to a maximum of 10 days after the cancellation of your ticket from the date of scheduled start. Remember to carry the policy document while you apply for the refund in your specified airlines. The Liberty General Insurance will send you a policy document copy after you have booked your ticket in SpiceJet.

SpiceJet airline offers customer-driven services, takes every measure to make the travel of their passengers smooth and enjoyable. They have also taken into consideration the problems people during their booking due to the pandemic and have set simple guidelines for the passengers to avoid any wastage of money. So, now if your tickets get cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances or the airlines has cancelled them due to various other reasons, do not panic as SpiceJet airline will resolve your issue in no time by adhering to their simple refund procedure.