Everything You Need To Know About Thread Face Lifting

Cosmetic surgeries are in demand for a long time now as it is a great way to enhance our appearances. Though it sometimes costs a fortune, the long-lasting result is more than satisfactory. If someone wants a boost of confidence, cosmetic surgeries are there for it. 

Among many such popular surgeries, face lifting is the most common. But in today’s article, we will talk about thread lifting. This includes its efficacy, side effects and thread lift price (ร้อย ไหม ราคา, which is the term in Thai). 

What Is A Thread Lift And How Does It Work?

If you dread a scalpel removing your loose skin or foreign compounds being injected into your facial skin, thread lifting is another option. It is somewhere between the two. 

While face lifting surgeries remove loose skin, thread lifting will use temporary stitches to firm the facial skin. The stitches pull the skin back slightly and tighten the drooping skin. In this way, it gives a subtle but visible firm appearance. 

Apart from this method of anti-aging, thread lifting also promotes another very important anti-aging property. As the skin heals around the face, it provokes a surge of collagen production in the stitched areas. If you do not know already, collagen is a great compound in boosting one’s anti-aging process. 

What Is The Difference Between Thread Lift And Botox? 

These two procedures are very different but aimed at the same results. The latter focus on paralyzing the muscle activity that causes fine line and wrinkles. It does not lift the skin but smoothens it making a face look younger. 

A botox lasts for around 3-4 months and can also be performed around the eye area, unlike a thread lift.

How Long Does It Last, What Are The Side Effects And Thread Lift Price?

  • A thread lift is suitable for people aged around 30 years and above, who have a sagging cheek.  
  • Unlike a botox, a thread lift can last you around one to three years, however, it also depends on proper maintenance. The maintenance treatments can be done every 6-12 months. 
  • It has no major or long-lasting side effects and is a low-risk procedure involving noninvasive methods. However, in rare cases, a patient can feel irritation and develop an infection if not properly treated.  
  • Thread lift price in Thailand can start anywhere from $800, but it can increase after considering several factors for best results.