Everything you should know to host a flawless cocktail party

A Cocktail party is the perfect means to host different types of people, like work colleagues, friends, an association, etc. A cocktail party is also perfect for when you have a mixture of guests on your list. But notwithstanding the ease that comes with organizing a cocktail party for any type of guest list, you still need to thrive for excellence. To host a flawless cocktail party, first, you should be familiar with your cocktail drinks and type of food your guests will appreciate. After hours alcohol delivery will help take care of your drinks problems, delivering on time and exceeding the expectations of your guests. However, you should know your cocktail drinks nonetheless.

1. Apple martini

Also called ‘Adam’s Apple Martin’, the apple martini is one of the most popular cocktails. It’s a mixture of vodka and apple juice. However, you may decide to add coke or create a sour mix.

2. Dirty martini

Dirty martini is another favorite that receives enough attention at the bar. Still a mixture of vodka but with a mixture of green olives, ice, and vermouth. The more vermouth in your martini, the dirtier it is. A dry martini on the hand has less vermouth.

3. Chocolate martini

Chocolate martini is special for its delicious taste. Vodka here is mixed with chocolate liqueur to blow your mind into ecstasy.

4. Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan, also referred to as cosmos, is a mix of vodka, lime juice, orange liqueur, and cranberry juice.

Flawless cocktail tips.

1. Have ice in abundance

You’ll need to keep all your drinks chilled throughout the cocktail party, and that requires plenty of ice. Make ice in abundance days before your party. You can also heat the leftovers to retrieve water.

2. Have the right quantity of the right glassware

Having the right type of glassware cannot be overemphasized. Be ready with glassware that fits the event and appeals to your guest list. Keep tumblers for juices, wine glasses for wine and water, and highballs for tall drinks. Keeping the right number means having at least 2 hardware for 1 guest. This saves from hardware emergency, allowing you focus on enjoying your party.

3. Stock up on mixers

Stocking up on mixers such as orange juice, soda, and lime helps to enhance creativity at the bar. Also, stock up on whiskey, vodka, beer and wines.