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You have experienced pain or had some injuries. The wounds may take longer to heal and, when healed, leave scars on your skin. In this case, technology has come to substitute the traditional methods of treatment which would take longer before the wounds heal. Rostami OPC has this new technology that is used to treat wounds within no time without invasive surgery. Visit them and experience treatment using PRP in Reston. Call or book online for an appointment.

The team of specialists at Rostami OPC is skilled in rejuvenating your body back to its normal state. Through using PRP therapy, the body uses its growth hormone extracted from your blood and injected into the area that needs revitalization.

Overview of platelet-rich plasma

When you incur tissues or tendons injuries, there is a quick way of treating the injuries using the growth cells from your blood. It is done by extracting nutrients from your blood, injecting them into the injured area, and then giving some time to heal.

Why are PRP injections done?

A PRP injection acts as a substitute for standard surgery since the specialist doesn’t have to operate through the patient’s skin to treat the injury. The nutrients extracted from the blood are injected directly into the injured area and given time to heal. Injection acts as a safe and quick treatment since it doesn’t take long for the injured area to heal.

What conditions respond to PRP injections?

PRP injections are used to treat joint pains, arthritis problems, tendonitis, and muscle injuries. The doctor uses PRP injections to treat sports-related injuries such as bone fractures, jumper’s knee, sprained ankles, and inflammation.

Who is a candidate for a platelet-rich plasma injection?

PRP injections are helpful for patients who:

  • Prefer a less invasive form of treatment
  • Have acute injuries from accidents

How is a PRP injection procedure performed?

During a PRP injection, your doctor extracts a sample of blood from your body. It is then mixed with other chemicals that help in extracting the growth factor. Once the extraction process is over, which takes around 10 minutes, the growth factor-rich PRP solution is injected into the injured area.

What happens after the PRP injection?

At Rostami OPC, your doctor will monitor you after the PRP injection to ensure the injection is working correctly and check signs of any side effects. Your doctor advises you on what to expect after the injection. The healing process takes some time, but it is more effective. The treatment process also depends on how severe your injury is, and this may call for one or more injections for effective results.

Are there side effects after PRP injections?

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is considered a safe and effective procedure. However, slight pain is experienced during sample collection and some discomfort during injection of platelet-rich plasma to the injured area. Sometimes the doctor may numb the area to minimize pain during the injection.

Consider trying the PRP treatment as an innovation that has improved healing and body rejuvenation. You can only get the services from a team of specialists at Rostami OPC who are skilled and offer the best, ensuring they meet your satisfaction. Set up an appointment with them today and enjoy the best.