Experience Seamless Trading With the Blix Group

Gone are the days when a person interested in trading had a hard time to find a reliable broker to assist him. The scenario changed drastically with the advent of the Internet, because with it came the concept of online trading. However, the trader has to be very careful in choosing the right broker. Blix Group is one of the most popular and customer-friendly online broking platforms and this article presents an analysis of why it is so.

A Brief Overview 

A team of widely experienced professional experts from the financial and technology industry came together to develop Blix Group and launched the trading platform for the public in 2018. Within a short period of its existence the trading platform has strengthened its foothold in the competitive world of online broking by delivering a simple and powerful trading experience, thanks to its expertise in the trading industry.

Now let us look into the services provided by Blix Group that has made it gain such a remarkable popularity in such a short time.

Specializes in CFD

Blix Group has created a way that assists traders to trade on CFD in a user-friendly platform. So, what is so great about trading on CFD (Contract for Difference)?

CFD is a popular form of derivative trading. The greatest benefit of this form of trading is that the trader is not required to possess the ownership of an asset as the trading is done on the basis of a contract depending on the price difference. The trader buys or sells a number of units for a particular instrument depending on how the trader speculates on the price movement.

In CFDs trading, the knowledge of the trading environment is the key to making profit, as the trader must keep a close track of the price movements of the assets.  Blix Group addresses this requirement by providing its clients with the most comprehensive, suitable, intuitive, well secured, and easy-to-use trading environment. It provides the most advanced and accurate charting for CFD traders so that they can execute their trades smoothly and without errors. The simple format provided by the technologically superior platform makes trading easy and secure even for a novice.

Vast Array of Assets:

A trader feels comfortable if he/she can have multiple choices of assets in one platform so that he can analyze and take his/her call without having to shift between brokers.  With a wide range of assets, Blix Group offers an all-in-one solution for its clients, which gives them the freedom of choice.

There are 1000+ assets available on this trading platform as per the broker. If you are interested in forex trading Blix-Group makes available at your disposal eight top currency pairs in the market like, USD/CAD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, NZD/USD, EUR/GBP, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, and USD/RUB. However, there is also the option of choosing any other currency pair for trading.

One can also trade on various commodities on this platform. The most valuable and popular commodities are gold, silver, copper, oil, coffee, and gas. Blix Group also offers top-level indices for trading adventure; the most prominent ones are IBEX, NASDAQ, DAX, SPI, and FTSE.

Trading in cryptocurrency is a volatile trading option. An exciting potential for high profit making exists here.  Blix Group gives its clients the opportunity to invest in cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. by providing high leverage, secure environment, and rapid trade executions. There is also the facility of a crypto wallet for the convenience of traders.

In brief, irrespective of the trader’s interest in financial assets or the type of trading market he/she wishes to join, Blix Group never fails to provide the right solution.

State of the Art Platform with All the Trading Tools

What makes a trading platform attractive for the trader is whether it has all the modern trading tools that are required to trade in this volatile and dynamic environment.

Blix Group has addressed this need remarkably by offering a flexible, innovative, unique, and easy-to-use platform. It is the result of a consistent endeavor of its team of experts to enhance the trading experience on this platform by providing all the trading tools like trading signals, along with comprehensive trading graphs and charts that are needed to perform the job.  The trader can use Expert Advisors (EAs) on MT4 for automated trading so that trading does not take up the time for other daily needs. Custom watch lists can be made from custom indicators. MT4 has to be downloaded and installed, but there is no need to worry about any delays or lags as it gives a seamless performance.

The platform is also available on a mobile application so that the trader can keep a track on the market on the go.

Security Matters

As the trading is done in a virtual space, security issues are a prime concern for the trader. Unfortunately, many brokers do not comprehensively deal with this area. Blix Group leaves no stones unturned to ensure that the security of the trader is not compromised.

Education Center

Online trading is a complex activity as it is fraught with high risk and uncertainty. Knowledge of trading gives an insight to trading and, as such, is an essential requirement for the trader. Blix Group has its own trading education center that provides volumes of learning material for the intelligent trader.  It also has a demo account, where the trader can experience the environment of on-line trading and formulate strategies without any investment.

Easy Deposits and Withdrawals 

Blix.co has an easy deposit and withdrawal policy, which makes trading comfortable and tension-free.

There are many loyalty bonuses available to the trader. The best part is that just on signing up with a broker the trader gets a loyalty bonus. If a trader signs up for the basic account he/she will get a 10% loyalty bonus.

And Finally

Last, but not the least, Blix Group takes care of its client’s trading concerns by providing the best professional customer services. With Blix Group the trader can experience a seamless journey into the exciting world of online trading.