Facing the Inevitable: 5 Reasons to Prepare for Funeral Pre Planning in Singapore

You consider health insurance, career prospects, investments, and perhaps getting married when you plan for your future. But, there’s one thing most people don’t think about is the preparation for death. Death is inevitable, just like ageing. It’s the common denominator for everyone; rich, poor, sad, happy, young and old. You know you’ll reach this finish line in the back of your mind, and the best way to overcome this is to prepare a funeral pre planning in Singapore.

Should You Fear Death?

Death brings equality to all living beings. No one can escape its final verdict, even if you have the most expensive healthcare system. Death doesn’t choose its prey because everyone will eventually fall into its mysterious realm.

But is it something you should be afraid of? Does it make your funeral a passage to the afterlife? Is it the end of all sufferings above? No one knows for sure, even the religious leaders. The uncertainty can surely bring anxiety about what happens next when you give your final breath.

When everything turns black, you won’t know what or who will welcome you on the other side. But, there is one thing you can do; it is to cherish the life given to you and appreciate the moment as you’re reading this.

Death: The Inevitable End

Worrying about the inevitable is a waste of time. You can’t change the life course, the birth and death cycle. However, you have so much control over the life between your birth and death. The time in between can help you do the things you like, love people around you, and prepare for funeral pre planning.

Of course, this article will not give you a definite answer about what will happen next. But it can certainly help you ease your anxieties and fear by preparing for your final journey on earth with a funeral director in Singapore.


Why Should You Prepare for Your Funeral

There’s a difference between worrying and planning. Worrying is assuming things will go wrong without any basis, while planning is preparing for what could’ve happened during unexpected instances like death. Death knocks at your door without warning, and there are no answers for your how, when and where. And when you open the door, there are two options: whether to be shocked or embrace the end.

To prepare for this unexpected time, learn why you should have a funeral pre planning in Singapore.




1) Fulfilling Your Final Wishes

Death will keep words left unsaid to the grave. The things you want to say to your loved ones will always be unheard of once you leave the earth. Your wishes will remain a wish, and your goals will remain unachieved. Don’t waste your time when you can still speak for yourself. Use this moment for funeral pre planning in Singapore and tell your final wishes to your loved ones and friends when the unexpected happens.

Perhaps, your wish is to start a donation drive, send a final letter to your family, and advance instructions for your belongings. Dealing with deaths is already hard enough. Don’t make it more difficult for your loved ones, and give them an insight into how you want to be respected. This way, your loved ones will know how to honour your life and cherish memories with you.

2) Less Financial Stress

The funeral cost in Singapore can be expensive, especially if you need to buy a casket, pay fees for your funeral director, and do other things. If unprepared, it can bring financial stress to your loved ones. Worse, they would fight over what to do with the money. Luckily, pre-planning for your funeral can also give you the opportunity for monthly instalments. You won’t worry about your loved ones about the budget once you pass away.

Some people even prepare for their funeral at a young age, like their 20s or 30s. See, their funeral planning is also an essential part of future preparation. Everyone should learn the importance of this because death is the end of all living beings, or maybe the beginning of something new.

3) Help Your Loved Ones Cope

The sudden news of a death can shock your loved ones. And for sure, some would have a hard time thinking of what they should do at the moment. On top of grieving, they would worry about how to arrange your funeral arrangements. They will have many questions if they’re doing it right. Luckily, you can save your loved ones from these worries with funeral pre planning.

In Singapore, a funeral has many traditions. You can go according to your religion or follow other customs. It would help your loved ones and friends tell what you want to happen during the funeral to honour your death according to your wishes. Without this stress, your loved ones can give themselves more time to grieve.

4) Minimise Anxiety About Death

What makes death scarier is the uncertainty beyond the afterlife. Do you know what will happen to your soul, or will your journey continue? Even if you read many books or ask a religious adviser, they wouldn’t give you a 100% correct answer as they haven’t been on the other side.

You can prepare for your death when the inevitable time comes. When anxious, preparing for funeral pre planning can help grasp how to handle this mysterious life cycle. If you want to start preparing now, you can talk with a funeral director in Singapore to know the steps you need to take to prepare for your future.

5) Resolve Conflicts

Preparing for your funeral is not just about the tradition. You can also resolve conflicts with your family and friends. It’s the time to talk about misunderstandings and reconcile with the people around you. It’ll give you an easier time to transition and welcome what lies ahead of your journey.

Remember to be more open with your feelings while preparing for the funeral pre planning with your loved ones so you can say all the things you want to say.

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