Factors affecting auto insurance rate

There are many factors that affect rates of insurance:


Generally mature drivers have to pay less for insurance as they are considered as experienced and more concerned so the chances for accident would be less. While the drivers who are younger are charged more as they are immature and careless so chances for accidents are more.

Driving record:

The better a driving record is the lower you have to pay as premium. A person with more accident records or a new driver will have to pay more for insurance.

A person with clean record with history of track insurance will pay less.

Driving routine:

If a person drives occasionally then he may pay less as compared to the one who drives more miles, long distances and use for daily work routine as the more you drive the more be the chance for accident.

Geographic location:

Premiums are less for the people living in rural areas as there are less chances of stealing cars or accidents. While those who live in urban areas and park their cars outside overnight have to pay more because of more chances pf robbery, theft, accidents and vandalism

Type of coverage:

The coverage choice on a auto insurance is very important. The more coverage you want to add on the more you have to pay. Coverage include collision coverage, medical coverage, uninsured/underinsured, personal injury protection coverage and other optional coverages may contribute to insurance rates.

Limits and Deductible

Based on your need and the coverage you choose, the insurance rates vary. Each coverage and policy has some limits that you decide. The more coverage you choose the more you have to pay for it. The deductible refers to the amount you pay before insurance pays on a claim.  An agent helps you in selecting your limits and coverage.

Marital status:

Many of the insurance companies offer less rates for married couples.


Some insurers have set occupation criteria for insurance as people with certain occupations.

Credit history:

A person with good credit history, who pays bills on time usually have to pay less for insurance while a person with poor credit history ay pay more.

Own Home:

Homeowners usually get discounts by insurance companies and even more with a home and auto policy.