Facts To Know About Motorcycle Accidents In California

Motorcycle accidents in California are serious matters. To be precise, California has more than 800,000 registered motorcycles. Hence, it is the responsibility of the riders to watch out for one another and comply with the regulations. Riding motorcycles is a popular means of commute in California as the State has scenic views and varied terrains. In the immediate aftermath of an accident, it is crucial to opt for an accident lawyer San Diego.

Unfortunately, there are also more motorcycle accidents, which result in severe fatalities and injuries. In case of such an untoward incident, a motorcycle accident lawyer San Diego can handle injury lawsuits on your behalf.

Statistics on California Motorcycle Accidents

It is important to note that California is one of the top three states which witness the most fatalities. With an enormous amount of motorcycles registered, the odds are always high. An 18-wheeler accident lawyer San Diego would help you with your claim after a crash. There is no denying the fact that Texas and Florida occupy the first two spots. As the climate is generally warm compared to other parts of the country, motorcycle accidents happen in large numbers. You are entitled to claim your compensation in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident.    

Busting Helmet Safety Myths

Helmet safety myths are also responsible for the majority of motorcycle accidents in San Diego. Here are some common helmet safety myths commonly prevalent among riders.

  • Helmets decrease the visibility and hearing of the riders
  • Bike helmets increase the risk of sustaining severe neck injuries
  • The helmet doesn’t provide enough protection when accidents happen

Always remember that a helmet is your first line of defense against collisions with big trucks.

More Than Half of Motorcycle Accidents Happen At Intersections

In California, more than half of motorcycle accidents take place at intersections. So when approaching an intersection, you should beware of other vehicles. Other vehicles might turn in front of you, giving you little time to react.

So watch out for cars and trucks suddenly appearing in front of your motorcycle. Also, intersections are dangerous as you would find vehicles parked and hanging trees, which acts as a distraction. Because of these reasons, you might never observe a car approaching you from behind.

Injuries Emanating From a Motorcycle Crash Are Dangerous When Compared To Cars

Always remember that no means of transportation is still 100% safe. As per the latest data from the Federal Government, motorcycle accidents are more dangerous than car accidents. Well, this shouldn’t be surprising as motorcycles don’t shield your whole body.

This is the reason that they bear the full brunt of the fatal crashes. However, as a responsible citizen, you can reduce the perils of riding a motorcycle. For instance, there are safety training courses which help you to stay safe while riding. They also help you negotiate claims from the insurance companies.

If you are involved in a motorcycle collision, contacting Nakase Law firm should be your apt choice. They fully understand their client’s requirements, thereby facilitating high-quality services.