Fahim Moledina: Why Companies Should Hire Outside Help

Any entrepreneur worth their salt knows one core principle above all else: You can’t do it alone.

Success in business is not a singular activity. As John Donne famously pointed out in 1624: “No man is an island entire of itself.” Just as that is true for the greater human condition, so it is true for success in business.

At the core of building a team is finding those with complimentary skills and differences, different abilities that contribute to the overall foundation of the company. The same kind of thought that political leaders must undertake in selecting those around them in order to successfully guide entire nations should also be taking place in boardrooms.

Even when the right people are assembled there can still be areas of growth that need to be bolstered, but may not require hiring for a full time, in-house position. There are options when those opportunities present themselves.

“It really shouldn’t be viewed as ‘thinking outside the box’ when companies consider hiring outside help to come in and stimulate growth or strengthen a position or platform,” said Opti-Syn Consulting Founder Fahim Moledina. “It still amazes me that some companies are resistant to the concept. If you were to compare it to baseball, you have the ability to bring in a pinch hitter known for hitting home runs. Why wouldn’t you do it?”

Still, those who are proponents of it are faced with the onus of convincing others within the organization that it is a vital move. That is unless the company has been essentially backed into a corner, which can happen.

Here is a list of five such scenarios compiled by StartupNation:

Big picture people (like some entrepreneurs) can have a difficult time with the tedious nature of accounting. Financials can fall to the wayside when business owners are distracted by so many other demands of their time and effort. It is worth considering outsourcing bookkeeping and accounting.

Hiring and training employees can also be an undue burden for small business owners, a human resources expert/consultant can be an amazing asset who can help find top talent, conduct training, figure out employee benefits and a variety of other things.

“This is an area I feel is often overlooked by employers. If you’re hiring the wrong people, if employee retention is not solid, you are losing money through worker retraining and the loss of productivity. This is an area where many companies can improve,” said Moledina.

Is the marketing plan lacking? Effective marketing equals growth. If it is not up to snuff, then it is worth a closer inspection and the potential of hiring a marketing consultant.

In a world of rapidly changing technology, it remains important that technology is updated periodically. Again, this is a perfect spot for an outside tech consultant to make suggestions and help guide your company to the right decisions.

Legal expertise is an asset from the get-go. From establishing the company properly to navigating litigation, a lawyer can help in numerous ways.

“There are so many instances where outside help can get a business to the next level or eliminate unnecessary stress for company leadership. You have to ask yourself sometimes: ‘Is all this stress worth saving a few bucks?’ If that answer is no, then it is time to start the search for some help,” said Fahim Moledina.

The BizJournal offered its own list of necessary professionals outside of the company: Public relations ranked as number one, as it contributes to company branding; followed by an  information technology team; a lawyer; and a tax attorney, thanks to recent and continued changes to tax laws.