Few easy ways to secure an IP camera

Out of all the security camera types, the popularity of IP or internet protocol camera has steadily risen.  And because of that people have been commonly installing them to secure their property. IP cameras make use of digital signals that can be transmitted over the computer devices through the internet.

Installing IP camera is relatively easy. But from the security perspective, hiding it from hackers so that they don’t find it on the internet is quite a big challenge. This article discusses a few installation tips to help to secure your IP security camera from nosy eyes.

Update the camera’s firmware regularly

You get a customizable firmware with an IP security camera. In case of a security lapse, the firmware is often updated by the manufacturer to six the susceptibility. As a user, you must keep an eye on the website of the IP security manufacturers and get the latest version of the firmware. The companies keep on updating their firmware so that the IP cameras are not susceptible to exploitation by the hackers.

Keep the cameras local

In place of connecting your security cameras to the internet, keep them local. This way you can avoid the camera feeds to end up on the internet and be noticeable to the hackers. You can further increase the privacy and security of the IP cameras by locking them to non-routable internal IP addresses. But, you must check for the guide on how to lock your camera exclusively to a local internet mode provided on the manufacturer’s website. This is because even after employing a non-routable IP address, your security camera may still be susceptible to software.

Password protect your cameras

Generally, there isn’t any password protection with most IP security cameras. The manufacturers think that you just want your cameras to be running and assume that you may not consider its security, or may do it later. However, you must make sure that immediately after installing the video surveillance systems; you must secure them using passwords, so that it cannot be accessed by everyone. Also, ensure to use a unique username and a strong password that cant is easily hacked.

Set a brand new admin password

When you install an IP camera for securing your premise, make sure that you change the default admin name and password that is preset at the factory. Make sure you choose an appropriate username and password. If you forget or ignore to change the password and username, then your camera’s feeds can be easily seen by every hacker on the internet.

Check for strategic mounting

Make sure you do not mount the IP camera in places where don’t want the strangers to see it. However, it is a possibility that some unwanted person may see it. Therefore you must try to conceal the cameras even if it keeps some locations of your premises out of bounds.

All of these above-mentioned tips will help to secure your IP camera and will assist in performing better.