Finest Solution in Case of the Best Women’s Watches

For the past few seasons, the watch has emerged as a fashion accessory in its own right. Adapting to all styles and lending itself to all fantasies, it transforms your look. Discover some tips for choosing your women’s watches.

3 Tips For Making The Right Choice

The watch is the latest fashion trend. In all forms, in various colors and made in all materials, the timepiece has become an essential accessory. Many big brands and retailers such as Montres and Co transform this element, appreciated for its practicality, into a real jewel suitable for all styles and to be worn on any occasion. To choose a watch correctly, you must:

Focus on its design: to adapt to all looks, the timepiece must be elegant and refined (even sport models must comply with this criterion), modern (an accessory that is too retro would spoil the look) and simple (simple and clean design suits any outfit).

Select it according to your tastes

The watch can reflect a personality. When purchasing, pay attention to the size of the accessory, its style (casual, chic, sport), its bracelet (size, color, shape), its color and the accessories that adorn it (patterns, rhinestones).

Pay attention to your wrist

When buying, remember the following rule: for small wrists, models with a small dial and a medium strap are preferred. Conversely, a timepiece with a large dial and a rather thin strap is intended for wide wrists.

Watch Out For Fashion

The watch is a trendy accessory. It is therefore important to make the right choice to sport an impeccable look! If you are original and like strong, quirky pieces, you should choose your timepiece with caution. “Original” can quickly rhyme with “cheesy” if you overdo it. As a good fashionista that you are, avoid watches that are too bling-bling or too showy. No more models overloaded with prints, colors, elements (rhinestones, pearls, charms, etc.) or rectangular shapes. Favor simple accessories with round dials and pastel or sober colors. They perfectly complement any outfit and can be worn in all circumstances.

  • Large rhinestone dials to wear over a sweater are perfectly on trend. For a sports watch or a leisure watch, a wide dial is also preferable.
  • A modern woman with a casual style will prefer comfortable watches. More fashion? She will marvel at an ultra-trendy watch.

An androgynous look?

The chronograph dial watches with metal strap or the pocket watch to slip into a pocket should appeal to him. A woman with a chic and sophisticated look will appreciate branded, quality, timeless and timeless watches. The hippie or bohemian style woman will be delighted with a watch with a case or bracelet in natural material such as leather or wood. If his wardrobe is more rock’n’roll, leather or metal watches are to be preferred.

The working girl, active woman with a busy agenda or sporty woman will also appreciate receiving a connected watch or smartwatch. These models vibrate in the event of a call, announce the arrival of a message but are also designed to follow daily physical activity very precisely. For finding a connected women’s watch the choice will be guided by priority criteria such as the design of the watch or its functions (a watch assimilated to a real extension of the smartphone or more focused on sports functions).