Five Services a Landscaping Company Provides

There are several services that a landscape company can offer. Hiring a company to do these for you gives you peace of mind as well as allows a professional to help in various aspects. Below is a list of five different services provided.

Irrigation services include the piping and sprinklers that are below ground. Modernly, irrigation systems are made up of PVC piping. Historically, the piping used to be galvanized steel. Irrigation systems now also have automatic clocks that run for a designated amount of time at a programmed time of day. The advantage of having an irrigation system and clock in Bountiful is to keep your landscaping watered and healthy.

Lawn maintenance includes mowing, blowing, and trimming. Each of these items are key factors in keeping a landscape in Bountiful well maintained. Mowing in itself can be done with a variety of different size mowers. Push mowers are as narrow as twenty-one inches. Common driving mowers will be upwards of sixty inches. Another feature mowers have is how tall you set the mower. Standard height is two to three inches, depending on the time of season and peak temperatures. When it is hotter outside, it is recommended to keep the lawn longer. If it is cooler, you can get away with cutting the grasser down lower so that it has a better appearance and thrives better.

Trimmings are a very important step that is often overlooked in landscaping. Both shrubs and trees need attention each year. It is recommended that shrub growth should be trimmed back two to three times a year or season. While trees are in their first to fourth year after being planted, it is important to observe their shape and growth pattern.

Want a healthy, weed-free, and green landscape in Bountiful? Fertilizer and weed control does the trick. Depending on the season, temperatures, and weather, you may fertilize and apply a weed control application three to five times. This will help the thickness of your lawn as well as prevent weeds from germinating.

Typically when one thinks of landscaping, they think of the seasons Spring, Summer, and Fall. Depending on where you live, winter is also a necessary service to your property. Winter services include plowing, snow blowing, and shoveling.

With so many options to choose from, start with an area of landscape you hope to improve. In Bountiful, there is a vast amount of options so that you might customize what your yard will have.

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