Five Useful Tips for Building and Maintaining Client Relationships

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relationships, stories, and magic” Based on this quote, we can fathom the gravity of Building and Maintaining Client Relationships. It is indispensable for the growth of our business as well as an individual. Unfortunately, research shows that 91% of unhappy customers simply leave the relationship. But we can’t afford to run a business where we only provide product and service-oriented business and not a client-oriented business. Happy clients are the key to more business as happy clients are more likely to make referrals. So here are Five Useful Tips for Building and Maintaining Client Relationships.

Constant Communication:                    

Communication should be timely and efficient and must be prioritized as this demonstrates our commitment and effort to provide quality service. In addition to that, we can build a strong relationship by making the clients feel comfortable, open, and honest with us. We should try to make them feel that their ideas and concerns will be taken seriously.

Positive Attitude:

This is a very crucial trait that every interviewer looks for in every candidate while hiring. Being positive and keeping a calm and composed attitude can go a long way in not only maintaining a healthy long relationship with clients but as well as performing great under pressure. A positive attitude also emits a positive vibe for those around you.

Exceed Expectations:

Our clients always expect products and services from us which are high in quality and are delivered timely. By taking that into consideration, we should always push forward and raise the bar on what we have to offer. We can do the same by simply under-promising, and over-delivering. When we deliver earlier than the expected time and more than expected quality the customer will be taken by surprise and will be much happier. This will affect the relationship in a positive way and reinforce the relationship between our clients.

Clients Are Like Any Person:

Clients are people first and foremost. They as human beings crave for little kindness, warmth, and importance. No doubt every client values high-quality work but to build a relationship with them, we must understand what relationships are made up of. The building blocks of any relationship are mutual respect, kindness, and understanding. And if we incorporate them in the right amount at the right time we can convert a one-time customer into a long-lasting one. A good example of an executive with excellent client relations is Michael Majeed. Michael Majeed, Senior Financial Consultant and Regional Sales Manager at ARCK Innovative Consulting Corporation in Markham, Ontario, owes much of his success to his relationship-building skills. As he is an individual with high EQ, shows empathy, genuine concern, listens attentively, and has the ability to build rapport with very little effort.

Request Feedback:

Requesting feedback can help us recognize and eliminate our weak areas by improving on it. It gives our clients a sense of importance that their opinions and views matter. The feedback might hurt sometimes but it ensures that we are growth-oriented and also help us build a healthy image in our client’s perception.