Five Ways To Match Your Fragrance With Your Personality

Fragrance and personality go together, and if you ever want to express yourself even before you speak, the choice of your scent is very significant. For example, a fragrance such as la te da easily conveys trust, competence, and confidence. But if you have a difficult time picking your scents, the following tips should help.

Take a personality test first: 

A simple personality test will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, alongside your passions and interests. You can then have a mental image of your person, and your brain matches this image with a scent or fragrance. There, you have taken the first step. Of course, this may sound ridiculous to some people, and maybe a strange step to some others, but it is common knowledge that not everyone can tell the type of personality they have or even fully describe it.

Trust your nose and not just the brand: 

Wearing a fragrance from a top brand is great, but wearing a scent you love is even better. When choosing your fragrance, chances are that the one you love best would match your personality the most.

Ask close friends and family for their opinion: 

Your close friends and family members can, without hassle, help you strive at the best fragrance. That is because they probably know you best and can help describe the scent that fits your dominant personality traits.

Try out two or three fragrances: 

Gradually narrow the list of fragrances you find attractive and complementary to your attitude. Your final list should be enough to help you select the best. Sometimes, it is even possible to mix two different fragrances in order to get the best scent. But for some like la te da, it is simply best to use them alone in the pure form.

Simply ask your regular supplier: 

This sounds like a no-brainer, but hey, a lot of us have conditioned our thoughts to think that suppliers are only willing to say things to boost sales and may not offer sincere advice. However, your perfume supplier might be the key to this somewhat tricky task. You have to be a regular person to them, though, so that they also have an idea of your type of person. Asking them for a recommendation is easy and most rewarding.

Your scent or fragrance is really a statement of who you are, and usually sets the atmosphere for how new persons would interact with you. Get fragrance as pleasant as la te da and step into a new realm of communicating your inner persona to people in just a few minutes of the encounter.