Flight Safety And The Importance Of Part 125/135 Training

Flight training for aviators is extremely important. There are a lot of rules and regulations that aviators have to follow in order to fly. A lot of these rules are meant to keep the pilots and their passengers safe. A big portion of aviator training is Part 125 and 135 training.

When aviators or airlines look into training options, they often look to an online solution. Part 125 online aviation training is a popular option and there’s a lot out there for aviators. Let’s look a little deeper into Part 125 and 135 training and why aviators have to do them.

Part 125 training

Part 125 training is meant to regulate how large airplanes are operated. 125 sought out to establish a uniform set of certifications and rules for these aircraft.

Part 125 also applies to how an airplane is used. If an aircraft of a certain weight is being used for anything other than “common carriage” then it’s regulated under part 125.

Prior to this, these aircraft for under part 91 but that’s before 125 became the new regulation. This is why it’s important for aviators to be trained in 125. They have to know how to comply with these regulations so the airline that they work for is compliant and everyone is kept safe.

Violating regulations of any regulating body has some common consequences. Some of these can include heavy fines and other things. So it’s very important to keep up with training.

Part 135

Part 135 applies to commuter and operations, like safety and training. So let’s take a closer look at this regulation and how important it is.

It really applies to how an aircraft is operated, if a manual is present or not, safety and training, and all sorts of things. This regulation is extremely important because it directly applies to the safety, training, and operation of an aircraft.

So now that you know how important these regulations are let’s look at some options for training aviators.

Part 125/135 training

One of the most popular ways to get training in today’s corporate world is through an online method. Part 125 online aviation training will most likely be provided by the company that hires an aviator. That airline or company will have some sort of training provided.

Most of these companies will provide access to this training by investing a platform for their pilots. This is where the B2B education market comes into play. Many companies that offer training will have a platform that offers parts 125 and 135 that they sell a license for access.

A lot of these platforms have similar functions like being able to be customized to fit an airline’s needs. An airline can consult with a training company and they can work on a package that will meet their needs without having a lot of fluff.

This is what’s great about an online platform. You can have what is useful and get rid of what isn’t.


Part 125 and part 135 training is great for keeping pilots up to date on part 125 and 135 regulations. These regulations are not only more strict than the prior part 91 but are designed for uniformity and safety.

Getting pilots trained can be simple and airlines have many options to choose from. Online training is a popular option and training companies exist to fill this need.

Training companies offer multiple packages that can be customized to meet the needs of individual airlines or companies. With these options in place keeping pilots trained is simple.