Four Best Canadian TV Shows of All Time

We all are aware of the fact that many American TV shows, such as Arrow, Reign, Once Upon a Time, and Suits, are filmed in Canadian cities like Vancouver and Toronto. But if there isn’t a dearth of any Cancon when it comes to Canadian television shows after the Made Nous, a campaign launched by top entertainment industry players to celebrate the work of Canadian creators in film, television, video games and digital entertainment. The campaign has aimed to highlight the achievements of those creators who bring stories to life, encouraging audiences to discover and celebrate their work. Media personalities like Mathieu Chantelois also appreciate the campaign and Canadian creations. So we have brought to you the four best Canadian TV shows of all time to indulge and appreciate.

Schitt’s Creek:

Schitt’s Creek is a comedy TV Show already loved by a ton of people. The show stars’ real-life father-and-son pair Dan Levy as fictional father David and Eugene Levy as his son Johnny Rose. Catherine O’Hara plays Eugene’s wife, Moira, while the perfect Annie Murphy plays David’s sister, Alexis. The plot of the show revolves around a filthy-rich family that suddenly finds themselves broke and is forced to relocate to the small town of Schitt’s Creek where they run a motel. Hi-jinks, romance, and unexpected familial bonding ensue.

Kim’s Convenience:

A comedy show that stars Paul Sun-Hyung Lee in the role of Appa for which he won Best Lead Actor in a Comedy at the 2018 Canadian Screen Awards. The role of Umma is played by Jean Yoon, while Andrea Bang and Simu Liu portray the characters of siblings Janet and Jung. Kim’s Convenience is based on a play written by Inis Choi. Inis Choi had written the play as a way of creating a platform for Asian Canadians. The comedy television show revolves around the Kim family who owns a Korean-Canadian convenience store.

Wynonna Earp:

Wynonna Earp is a science fiction television show that has Melanie Scrofano in the lead role of Wynonna Earp while Tim Rozon plays Doc Holliday. The television show also co-stars Dominique Provost-Chalkley and Katherine Barrell. Wynonna Earp is based on a comic book written by Beau Smith where a little bit of country and a little bit of supernatural is shown. Wynonna is the great-great-granddaughter of legendary Western lawman Wyatt Earp. The Earp offspring battles reincarnated outlaws that Wyatt killed along with other supernatural beings in a cursed area near the Canadian Rockies called the Ghost River Triangle.

Workin’ Moms:

Workin Moms is a hilarious comedy show that has Catherine Reitman, Dani Kind, Juno Rinaldi, JessalynWanlim in the main roles. The story revolves around four women in their thirties who live in the city of Toronto. These four women also happen to be best friends. The comedy television show is all about their daily lives and how they are facing the challenges in jobs, handling children, managing love lives, and how they take efforts in balancing them.