Freelancing Jobs As You Look for

Getting started as a freelancer is not given to everyone, some even think that working from home is not for them. Yet every year, many employees leave their jobs to embark on a solo adventure, whether in micro-enterprise mode or otherwise. These foolhardy people certainly have good reasons to do so, they may already have a customer book or a well-crafted project. A visit to will offer you the best options.

To read absolutely before embarking on the adventure: Which status to choose for his Freelance activity?

Others, however, may choose to work from their homes out of spite, often driven by health problems, the arrival of a baby, or even because no company is willing to hire them … In this case then The choice of starting a business can seem risky, especially if you do not really know what to do!

Do you recognize yourself there? Do you have to work from home but it scares you? Do not be discouraged, there are lots of jobs you can do at home, you may not know them all but this article will help you to see more clearly.

Web Writer / Copywriter

The job of copywriter can be vast: you may be required to write blog posts, white papers, case studies, publications on social media, content for web pages and so on.

First of all, this is accessible to “everyone” who knows how to write correctly, a computer and word processing software will do the trick.

Then it’s very popular right now and for a while. Indeed, a website needs content to improve its SEO and it is often the time that is sorely lacking for companies to feed their blog. 

Why not write for them?

Finally, if you do not have a lot of knowledge about web writing, you can help yourself (read this guide to learn how to write a blog post) or follow a short training of a few days. So you can start making a living from home.

You will have to be rigorous in your writing: no mistakes, a good syntax and a good written expression. In short, it was not necessary to dry courses in high school, is not it?


A Stroryteller is a person who offers Storytelling in a professional manner. This job can very well be done in the form of freelance missions.

Beyond the web editor, the Storyteller masters a specific way of telling a story (lived or imagined) for marketing purposes. This is an emerging profession that will be in great demand in the coming years because the power of storytelling can work wonders. Storytelling is increasingly used in communication strategies to highlight brands and products, whether in written content, audio or video.

To better illustrate the power of Storytelling, here is an advertisement you surely know. Who has never cracked on this story too cabbage? In just one minute, the story is told, the “products for sale” are placed here and there without being intrusive and the brand achieves a good boost.