G9 Skin care| Whitening Products Review  

If you have uneven skin tone or experiencing dull and pigmented skin then you immediately need skin lightening products that make your complexion fair. Most skin whitening products have parabens that are harmful to skin cells. I recently discovered a Korean brand called G9Skin and the prime purpose of their product line is to use natural ingredients like Milk protein extract, Glutathione, Niacinamide, Vitamin Complex, and Witch Hazel Extracts in all their skincare products. Let us discover what whitening skin products they have and how to use these products?

Most Popular G9Skin Whitening Products

  • G9 White in Whipping Cream
  •   G9 White in Milk Whipping Foam
  • G9 skin Milk Toner

Main Ingredients Used in G9 Whitening Products Line

Niacinamide: Certified whitening agent

Vitamin Complex: Brighten skin tone

Milk protein extract: Moisturize and revitalize skin cells

Glutathione: Whitening Agent

Galactomyces ferment filtrate: Improve skin texture and remove dead skin cells

Fructan: Prevents dryness

Trehalose: Cactus extract moisturize skin cells

Centella Asiatica Extract: Soothing

Witch Hazel: Tighten Skin Pores

Adenosine: Anti-wrinkle

Hyaluronic acid: Reduce blemishes

G9 White in Whipping Cream Review

  This cream is used to brighten the tone of your skin. There are the main natural ingredients used to make your skin white and bright. The consistency of this cream is watery and very light. You do not feel the stickiness on your skin. Whipping cream gives whitening, moisturizing, and anti-wrinkle effect.

How to Use

You can use this cream in day or night at your convenience. Apply it where you need to tone up the area. It takes 1 month to see the real difference.

G9 White in Milk Whipping Foam Review

It is a foam cleanser and contains natural AHA and BHA for exfoliating your dead skin cells without scrubbing. Milky whipping foam clean oil, dirt and makeup efficiently and tone up your complexion as well.

How to Use

You can use it whenever you need to wash your face. After washing your face with this foam you do not feel dryness. Moisturizing ingredients take care of the dry skin. It gives whitening, exfoliating, and moisturizing effects.

 G9 skin Milk Toner Review

It is the largest bottle of tone at this price. The texture of toner is watery and it slips on your skin when you apply. Once it absorbs it balances out the skin oil. It has multipurpose use. You can use it as a makeup enhancer, skin toner, moisturizer, or whitening product.

How to Use

You can use it in the morning as the morning starter to moisturize your skin and prepare it for makeup. It controls oil and your face does not look greasy.