Get Beautiful Designs In The Lab Grown Diamonds

All the ethical and criticism concerns which have been levied against the mined diamonds have been resolved. This is done with the technology advancement the diamonds can be made in the labs. Today, buying the diamond jewelry is not financially and morally draining experience now as earlier it used to be.  The lab grown diamond is much cheaper than the natural diamond. It is of very high quality. The mad made diamonds are the real diamonds.

Long Lasting

Lab grown diamonds are a better option. The lab grown diamonds have the physical properties which is same as the mined diamonds. Even the professionals can’t even tell the difference. These are not cubic zirconia and various diamond stimulants.  These also look same as the diamonds but fundamentally these are different.  The lab grown diamonds are not long lasting and as durable as the natural diamonds. Any professional text can very easily expose the chemical makeup. The lab grown diamonds are grown in the labs arranged carefully the small diamonds called the seeds which are placed in the carbon. The technology advanced subjects the seed to the high temperature and pressure which mimics the pure natural method of the formation of the diamond at an accelerated pace.

 The carbon which is pure totally melts and formation of the diamond starts to form around the seed.  The cooling is done carefully to form a carbon diamond. After this, it is cut and then polished.  The mined diamonds have the impurities because of the environment in which the formation is done. The creation of the diamond is done strictly in a very controlled process in the lab which results in whiter and brighter diamonds. The lab grown diamonds have very less defects than the natural diamonds. Even the colored diamonds which are produced are more uniform and vibrant in the lab rather than those mined diamonds. This is achieved with the precise dosing of some of the trace chemicals like yellow diamonds get the yellow color from nitrogen and the blue color in the diamonds from boron.

High Quality

It seems that such high quality diamonds would have high prices, however, buying the lab grown diamonds are very beneficial. This will provide you with the saving of around 40%. With the same budget, you can buy a large diamond with intricate metalwork and elaborate design. Even the ethical concerns which are related with the mined diamonds are also substantial from the child labour used to the environmental costs for mining the diamond.  Whenever you buy any diamond, it is very important to know from where you got it and what its past is.  You must know how it is made and how it has reached you.

The lab grown diamonds are very environment friendly and are also child labour free.  When the mining is done it leads to a lot of loss to the environment so the lab grown diamonds must be chosen as it does not cause any harm to the environment and are energy intensive.