Get to know some important facts related to Orangetheory fitness prices

Are you really motivated by competition? IF your answer is yes, then opting for Orangetheory workout will prove to be the best option for you. you might have heard about exercise chain which measures your heart beat with the help of a heart-rate monitor and uses the approach of tracking the heart rate zone in order to motivate the members who most of the times put themselves in the gym.

But those people who have never undergone this fitness training, they hardly hold any idea about how this unique structure proves helpful for shedding extra calories from the body. How it exactly works? Does it deliver fruitful results? Etc. Here, in this blog, you will come to know about what orangetheory fitness training is and what are its price structures?

What is orangetheory?

Orangetheory is basically a combination of high-intensity interval training and traditional cardio which help people to reach their fitness goals easily. Whether you would like to lose weight, gain strength or endurance, this is the most effective technique which provides great results within a short span of time.

Research shows that this kind of workout is much better than those traditional steady workouts when it comes to losing weight. While this Orangetheory uses HIIT concepts the workout mainly works on cardiovascular endurance by raising the heart rate and thereby helps to increase overall power, strength and endurance. Orangetheory exercise can be practiced as a daily exercise and it is now practiced in all gyms across the nation.

What are the main zones in Orangetheory?

The orangetheory has mainly fives zones and the most notable one is Zone 3, Zone 4 and Zone 5 respectively. During the workout session, a digital board is displayed on the wall which shows you belong to which zone based on your heart rate and what zone you have been striving based on your workout plan.

Zone 3 is basically a time zone where practicing this exercise is a challenging task. Zone 4 is more difficult than zone 3 and it makes this exercise a bit more uncomfortable. Zone 5 has the highest intensity and it should be done only for a short period of time. The ultimate aim is to spend around 12 minutes to one hour workout in both zone 4 and 5.

What happens during an orangetheory class?

Each Orangetheory class is an hour long. However, this time period has been broken into three sections namely – time spent on the treadmill, time spent on the floor and the time spent on rowing machine. Treadmill is said to be the most recognizable section of Orangetheory workout session.

Check out Orangetheory fitness prices

The price structure of Orangetheory fitness is quite higher than other fitness regimes. However, it provides great result within a short span of time. LA fitness is a chain of fitness gyms spread over 700 locations both in the United States and Canada. This chain is mainly known for its modern facilities, state of the art fitness equipment and customer service. The LA fitness prices are relatively upscale but they are worth of the money considering their enjoyable experience.