Getting The Maximum Payout On Your Car Accident Claims 

No one ever wishes to be in an accident. If you happen to be a victim of one though, and it isn’t your fault, then you have a right to be compensated for your losses. Insurance companies are however tricky and like to pay as little as possible in cases like these. Here are a few pointers to follow if you want to collect fully on a car accident claims Medford Oregon.

Build a Strong Case

The possibility of you being paid in full for all the losses you have incurred from an accident is greatly increased if you start building your case from the very beginning. Thus, immediately after an accident, make sure you call the police. Do this regardless of the severity of the injuries sustained or the damage that your car has suffered. This way you have an official record of all that happened and you can request a copy of it later on.

Gather Enough Evidence

In cases where you have sustained serious injuries, you might want to stay put and get the police records later on and work with that. If your injuries are minor however, you might want to take photos of the accident scene and the vehicles involved immediately after the accident. Write down everything about the accident as soon as you can, include details you even deem irrelevant, they might be useful. Take note of eyewitnesses and get ways to reach them should there be a need to do so later on. Take photos of your injuries immediately after the accident as well.

Keep Medical Records

After the accident, you would do well to keep all receipts, prescription orders, and details that are related o your medical records. If you have to visit a therapist, document it. If you used the services of a chiropractor, document it. If you did an X-ray, have it ready. All of these should be signed and dated so as to maintain legal validity.

Keep Miscellaneous Records

 You have a right to be compensated for all costs incurred as a direct result of the accident. Thus, if you took a cab, had to hire child care services, or had to cancel out travel plans that meant paying refunds on tickets, then you should note it down.

If you had to employ services to take care of certain services that you usually carried out yourselves, then you should document the costs as well.

If your injuries made you miss workdays and thus some income, then you should get documents to prove it.

Keep Visiting Your Doctor

You might want to skip doctors visit on some days because of reasons that might be understandable to you, you SHOULDN’T. insurance companies would only interpret this to mean that you are not as hurt or injured as you claimed to be. So, until you are issued a clean bill of health, you should go to every scheduled doctors’ visit.

You should know that filing for car accident claims Medford Oregon isn’t an option that is open to only those driving cars. Whether you are a passenger in the car, or a pedestrian walking the streets, you have a right to full compensation should you suffer any injury resulting from a car accident.