Give Your Basement A New Look and Functionality with Custom Basement Services

If you are having a good big basement in your house then it is the time to give it a new look and functionality. Usually basements are big and turned to warehouses due to lack of proper planning of storage space. The custom basements services offered by experienced home design professionals would make your basement one of the most useful places in your home. Giving away the contract of basement customization to the 4 times Best Contractor award winner Karma Home Designs would make your life easy as they might give you many ideas to make the best utilization of the space in your limited budget. 

If you are doing it on your own, then here are some tips worth considering – 


  • Plan the utility


There are multiple ways you can use the basement. It is good to plan the utility before preparing the actual plan as that would help in keeping space for all that you  want to have in the basement. It is possible to use the basement for storage, home theatre, gaming, study, living, and may be all. Write down your requirements and then decide the layout that fits all your requirements in the available space. 


  • Make a rough plan of the layout


A rough plan of the layout will give you an idea about what all can fit in your basement. If you don’t find enough space for everything then it is better to prioritize your needs to make the most out of the available space. 


  • Prepare the 3D view of storage


Preparing the 3D view of the storage space will give you exact idea of the drawers, cupboards and other storage space that you can fit in the space. Change the layout if you want more storage space. Having a clear idea of the exact storage would make things easier.


  • Decide the source of light


Basements are dark compared to other parts of your home. If you want your basement to be used for living then light is the pre-requirement. Find the source of light and if you can’t find the natural source of light then it is time to get some light through other artificial sources. 

If you want hassle free customization then the best way is to look for professional custom basement services that get you the best results that fit in your budget.