GOLD LOAN – Good Option for Fast Cash

Why should I go for a loan against gold? Shall I consider a personal loan or a gold loan? How complex is the gold finance process?

To put it directly, it is the simplest option for fast cash. Even instant gold loans and online gold finance options are available. Customers can forget the tiring procedure, as in the case of any other loan, with the handy gold loan option.

Are you in doubt?

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The gold loan has been the first choice of people seeking urgent financial help. Both NBFCs and banks offer gold loans without the necessity of an exhaustive procedure. The secured loan is issued based on the gold asset mortgaged at the finance firm. Accordingly, there is no further need for ascertaining extensive info about the borrower.

Gold finance option has been one of the prominent reasons for augmenting the value of gold properties. Instant gold loans from firms like Manappuram Finance, without any complex processes, can help individuals in need. One can get the fund support for varying requirements, including starting a company, business ventures, and domestic needs, and so on.

Why gold loan option is better for fast cash?


Many benefits make gold finance or gold loan a better option than any other type of loan. Borrowers can avail the facility without running around.

  • Low credit score or CIBIL score doesn’t matter in the case of a gold loan. Those values are simply irrelevant. Think about the ordeal whilst applying for other loans, if s/he has a low credit score.

  • Instant gold loan possibility makes the fund available without any delays. A person can approach the NBFC or bank, mortgage the gold and obtain money corresponding to the value of the asset.

  • The current value of gold is considered for determining the approved loan amount. The gold finance would not check what the purchase price of the gold ornament was.

  • Forget the concerns about your income. The gold finance firms will not seek the individual’s financial status or current income for approving the gold loan. The loan against gold will solely depend on the weight and value of mortgaged gold.

  • Reliable gold finance firms including Manappuram Finance have established quick financing options, making the gold loan option the fastest.
  • Simple and easy documentation process. The individual need not carry a long list of documents for getting the gold loan approved.

  • The NBFCs will not ask the reason for the gold loan. The loan would be permitted irrespective of the end-user. It can be obtained for various needs including the establishment of a new business venture, buying a vehicle, purchase of property, or admissions for a professional course. You just have to submit the application along with the gold.

  • Loan amount for the gold has increased after promulgations of orders by the Reserve Bank of India. This higher value will make sure that the individual will get an increased gold loan amount.

The Tail End

Unparalleled advantages make gold loans a good option for fast cash. Businesspersons, executives, government employees, daily wage laborers, or common person, all can avail of the gold loan without any issues.

Unlike other loan options including personal loans, the individual will not be asked for a set of documents for a loan against gold. Anyone, who has gold ornaments held, can approach trusted NBFCs like Manappuram and obtain an instant gold loan.

Having these all positive characteristics, it is not surprising that gold loan has registered a quantum rise in the past couple of years. People have become more aware of the advantages of gold finance options. Increasing the number of gold loan applicants.