Got Wet Wipes In Singapore? Here Are 10 Insanely Clever Ways To Use Them

In this modern age of smartphones, self-driving cars, home automation systems, low porosity pans, such as enamel cookware in Singapore, touchless toilet flushes, and the like, people tend to forget the essential conveniences in life. All it takes is a one-weekend camping trip or activity free from these technological advancements to help people remember how wonderful and practical some items really are. A pack of wet wipes is one of the most convenient things every person should never forget and always carry around everywhere they go.

Before people discovered motion sensor faucets, automatic flushing toilets, and the most advanced showerheads, wet wipes were accessible and available for everyone of all ages. Be it for a newborn, breastfeeding mum, a student, a teenager doing her makeup, a man cleaning his hands, or anyone. For new mums or parents, wet wipes in Singaporeare one of the essentials or must-haves! They will need a wipe or three plies each time they change the diaper. But apart from that, there are many ways to use wet wipes. It doesn’t only work for cleaning babies.

Whether cleaning up sticky ice cream hands, cleansing your soles, erasing things on a board, and other stuff, wipes will always be a good answer! Did you get curious to learn how you can really put those baby wipes to work? Read on for some hacks you can do with wet wipes in Singaporeyou wish you had thought of sooner.



When you have a young sibling or children, you can expect Crayola marks all over your home, especially on the walls, sofa, and tables. Let wet wipes in Singapore do the magic for you! All you need to do is wipe the surfaces with the wipes and elbow grease, and you’re good to go!



As someone who uses makeup, cleaning your brushes is one of the crucial steps to take care of your skin. On a daily basis, soaking your brushes isn’t practical. You will need to wait for a few hours until it fully dries. Instead of washing them day-to-day, you may invest in wet wipes in Singaporeand use those to give your brushes a good rubdown. Consider using a blow dryer and quickly blast air to dry them in no time.


One of the mortal enemies of every woman is the thin, wispy strands of hair along the hairline or what they also call baby hair. If you want to tame these strands, be amazed by the power of wet wipes in Singapore. Gently pat down the ply on the fly away or staticky strands. With one stroke, your hair can look fabulous in an instant. Plus, there will be no chances of frizzy and fuzzy hair.


Humans aren’t perfect, so they are bound to make mistakes. Nail polish mistakes are one of the most common mistakes every woman encounters. Painting your toes or hands is unquestionably super duper fun but can make a hot mess! To beat this mistake, have a pack of wet wipes in Singapore. To remove any nail polish excess from your skin, wipe it with wipes.



Nowadays, more and more people are getting addicted to collecting sneakers. One of the best ways to take care of your kicks is using wet wipes in Singapore. Be it a pair of plimsoll, high-top basketball, running shoes, slip-on, leathers, velcro sneakers, designer ones, rain boots, winter boots, or crocs. Whether muddy, grimy or gross, a little sponge bath with a ply of a wet wipe can make them look shiny, new, and cool again.



Having wet wipes in Singaporeon your bag every day is also convenient! Because it is tropical, the chances of sweating are high. Here’s a life hack, stow a pack of wet wipes in the fridge. To help you beat the heat, use it for a quick and refreshing wipe down.


Honesty is the best policy, so be honest. Did you ever encounter an embarrassing deodorant smear on your shirt or dress because you were rushing? When you’re a person who’s always on the go, having wet wipes in Singaporeis a MUST! The embarrassing deodorant stain should never happen again! One sure and effective way to instantly get the white residues out is by dabbing a wet wipe on the fabric.


Women who are giving birth, pregnant, or postpartum ladies often deal with haemorrhoids, episiotomy ouches, or vaginal tears. It can be one of those, or worst, all of them. As a woman, pregnant or woman, a pack of wet wipes in Singaporeis one of the essentials your bag must always carry. You can use a ply after peeing, drinking, cleaning your makeup, and anything under the sun. It can also be your saviour when the haemorrhoids or vaginal tears hurt.

To help ease the pain, you only need a bottle of witch hazel and aloe vera-infused wet wipes in Singapore. Drizzle at least three to four tablespoons of witch hazel into a fresh container, add the aloe-infused wet wipes, and place the box in the fridge. Once the plies turn cold, you may use them to offer your sensitive bits some comfort and cool it down.


Whether in the car or at home, you can also use your wet wipes in Singaporeto clean your windows. If you have none in your car, toss one in there immediately. This cleaning piece can come in handy! You may use this to clean the dashboard, wipe the windows, or cleanse the car seats.

You may also use a ply for simple clean-ups, say a cloud of dust, Crayola stain, or food spills in your home. When things get messy in your household, a pack of wet wipes can be your lifesaver! To make your abode look, feel, and smell refreshing after cleaning it with wipes, consider investing in an aroma diffuser in Singapore. The best essence for homes is lavender!



Contrary to popular belief, wipes don’t only work for newborns! They can also serve a practical purpose for your pet babies. A ply of wet wipes in Singaporecan also be purr-fect for cleaning their paws. If you have a fur baby, having wet wipes in your bag is a MUST!

The Takeaway

These are just some of the thousand ways to use wipes. There are various ways you can use this one cleaning product. Always carrying wet wipes is essential these days, considering the different types of viruses spreading all over the globe. One ply can work wonders in keeping you safe, disinfecting surfaces, killing bacteria, and ensuring your health. From cleaning up messes to styling your hair, from your home to car, from yours to your baby, a pack of wet wipes in Singaporeis one of the best cleaning essentials you must always have.

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