Rose lovers, don’t be very concerned if your garden space is limited and can not contain more plants again. when you have nursery containers, you can grow beautiful roses in your apartment, especially on your deck and balcony. Avoid big roses that are likely to grow bigger than the size of your nursery containers, as well as climbers that can start climbing the wall of the house and old roses. Climbers need support to properly grow and not disturb the house, and old roses tend to sprawl too. Instead, you may have to look for compact patio roses, small floribundas that grow 18-24 inches tall, and miniatures that top out at 10-24 inches. Micro mini roses grow 6-12 inches tall. Even a small hybrid tea rose will do in a half-whiskey barrel or other large containers. That is why it will be preferable to go for these types of roses when planning to raise flowers in nursery containers instead of using your garden.

So what are the things that are to be put in place when you have finally considered growing your roses in nursery containers?

  1. Choose the appropriate container: Tall nursery containers are very good for patio roses since rose roots grow deep. If your container doesn’t have drainage holes, ensure you create a few in the bottom. Place a few pieces of broken pottery or bottles over the holes, so that it would prevent the soil doesn’t wash out when you water your plant.
  2. Find the Right Location: Roses prefer full sun and good ventilation. Once you’ve found the perfect spot that gives you this combination you can move your nursery container into place before you fill it, because after it is planted it may be too heavy to carry.
  3. Plant the Rose: Ensure that the soil and manure are measured in the right proportion about ten parts of the soil to one part of the manure. Do not make use of potting soil that contains fertilizer; you will have to add that to your soil later. While some gardeners prefer to put the bud union above the soil, burying it gives an anchor to the plant more securely.