Guide To Aircon Servicing In Singapore (2021)

The need for air conditioning increases over time due to Singapore’s severe humidity. Customers with various forms of servicing and installation needs seek out professionals as it is more convenient.  Air conditioning servicing is a common industry in Singapore, and there are many companies that provide a variety of aircon services to residents. However, not all servicing companies are able to solve aircon related problems. This leads to an expansion of companies that specializes in aircon servicing.

Finding a perfect and prominent servicing centre in Singapore can resolve the issues to rectify and cover every major and minor issue related to air conditioning whether it is aircon overhaul or chemical wash.

What Are The Common Problems You Should Know

If you are looking for high-quality services and want your Aircon to operate well, you should gather information about the city’s best aircon contractors. These contractors, not only can they provide you with excellent services, but they can also save you from the hassle of saving many contact numbers for various air conditioning issues. The following below are the few common services which most aircon companies provide:

  • Aircon Servicing
  • Aircon Chemical Overhaul
  • Aircon Gas Top Up
  • Aircon Troubleshoot
  • Aircon Installation
  • Aircon Chemical Wash

Aircon servicing is essential for the high-quality performance of air conditioning devices. This should be done at once within a period of six months. This procedure ensures a longer lifespan and better efficiency of devices. Some major agencies in Singapore offer quality services with the complete package of their aircon services which include:

  • Effective cleaning of filters and covers which special quality chemicals
  • Cooling units have been deodorized
  • Lubrication is done whenever and wherever necessary
  • A proper cleaning is done for the drainage tray and indoor evaporator and check out the major and minor issues
  • The drainage system vacuumed effectively
  • Rectifying issues found in the compressor suction
  • Discharge pressure checked properly

Plan Ahead Before Installing An Aircon

During the installation of new air conditioning devices, you need to consider some major points to save yourself some hassles and inconveniences later on. These points are:

Selection of Right Type and Size of Aircon

An appropriate match of room size and aircon power is essential to ensure that power consumption is at an efficient level.

Make Sure It Is Safe

Check the strength and quality of the supporting wall to ensure proper installation of the air conditioning unit. If the unit does not obtain the correct measurement, it can result in a safety hazard.

Check for Proper Insulation

Because of poor insulation, your air conditioner will use more energy to cool down the surrounding areas, requiring more time and workload.

Look Out For Any Leakage

After the installation is complete, request that the technician recheck the air conditioning system for any types of leaks. This minor lapse in judgement can result in an immediate gas top-up service.

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘aircon chemical wash.’ This procedure is used for deep cleaning of AC devices. All internal and external parts of your air conditioner, including filters, condenser and evaporator coils, are dismantled and thoroughly washed with specialized chemicals. Among the major steps taken in this process are the following:

  • The technician begins this process by checking all electrical ports and wires are well-connected and are working properly or not.
  • Then, dust particles and other was tages are removed from the front panel, the AC filter and cover with a thorough cleaning.
  • Afterwards, bacteria stains and smells are removed and the deodorized process has been done properly.
  • Later on, some complex procedures have been made to improve the working of compressor suction and discharge pressure.
  • A deep vacuuming is done for the drainage system.
  • A thorough inspection has been done finally to the adequate working of evaporator coils and drainage trays.

Last but not least

Aircon servicing can also be done for several other problems including aircon leaking or dripping water, making noise, problems in compressor, aircon start blinking faster than usual, aircon shutdown etc. All these features indicate that your air conditioning unit requires servicing and a wise choice of dealing with a top aircon agency to rectify your problem with excellent solutions and top-quality servicing.