Guidelines to hire a Good and Cost-efficient PHP Developer

A good PHP developer is an essential source for your PHP development company. He works as the driving force to turn ideas to a comprehensively functioning and scalable site. Hence, it is very important to hire choose a good offshore php developer. Remember, it isn’t just about the coding or technology, but it is about hiring the right partner for your business who has the same passion as you. Below here are some points to keep in mind when PHP development services hire a PHP developer:

  1. Ask necessary questions

If you have already interviewed several developers and have your own list of questions ready, then you should have a proper approach and ensure that you don’t ask stereotype questions. Questions like who invented PHP and what was its release date can be avoided. They don’t gauge a developer. You need to know about their PHP knowledge.

  1. Enquire about their past projects

When selecting a budget-friendly PHP developer, it is important to know about his past work. Ask about his past projects. Ask whether he is first time registering for your company or he has worked with any other php development service before. Find out how brilliant those companies were and what was his role in the company. Know about the repute of the company where he has worked before and the job profile he served.

  1. Measure his knowledge base

Before you shortlist the PHP developers, you need to know what kind of technical knowledge do they possess. Does the developer have knowledge about just one PHP framework or he has training of cakephp web development, Laravel web development, Yii web development and other structures. It is also important to find out whether the developer is updated with the latest technical trends and has interest in expanding his knowledge base. Find out the set of skills he has to work on a particular project.

  1. Assess his communication skills

Communication is the top most strategy for any successful business. The PHP developer you are going to hire for your company should be open about his views to the other members of his team. He should speak to the manager, designer, editor and everyone about the concept and how he plans to deliver it. He should be easily accessible to the company as well as to his clients. He should be comfortable in taking and giving instructions in English and native language, if any.

  1. Attitude

Skill sets talk a lot, but even attitude has a major role in the hiring of the right member of your team. Hire offshore PHP developers who can adapt to the changing situations easily, who can work for your company even from a distant destination. Make sure they are ready to adapt to changing scenarios.


Hence to hire the right PHP developer, you need to put up right questions, clear all the points and get rid of any doubt and ambiguity. Mention all the important details in the contract and get it signed. Make sure you put down all the terms and conditions crystal clear.