Hacks for Reasoning Section in SSC CGL

Witnessing the increased competition for government and Staff Selection Commission exams, the commission has raised the intricacy level of SSC CGL, at the same pace. Candidates preparing for SSC exams must be ready to face greater difficulties in the upcoming SSC CGl examination.     

Many candidates preparing for CGL Exam have doubts about how they should prepare for the Reasoning section in the SSC CGL Syllabus

Reasoning is a bit of a tricky subject but if practiced properly, it may help you to fetch good marks in SSC exams. In this article, you will be better acquainted with how you should prepare for reasoning ability and ways to encounter the reasoning section in SSC CGL.

Tips to prepare Reasoning Ability for SSC CGL 

  • The stumbling block in the Reasoning section during the actual exam is the paucity of time, that is why practicing topics that are time consuming plays an important role to prepare well for this section. Topics like Puzzles and Seating Arrangement must be practiced on a daily basis.
  • Some questions in the reasoning section can be attempted with common sense but include lengthy calculations that eat into your time. Hence, it is important to know the shortcut tricks for such questions and practice them so that they do not seem alien during the SSC CGL. Most important is that you should be comfortable using the shortcut tricks you learned in the exam. 
  • For questions on non-verbal reasoning, first try to understand the images properly and then get to the answers for such questions. Similarly, for mirror and water image questions, it is important to understand the image given as the answers to such questions are always the opposite of images in various ways.
  • For questions on blood relations, it is difficult to understand gender in between the questions. Hence, make a family tree with different signs for females and males so that it is clear and concise and you may get your answer easily.
  • In Analytical reasoning, ensure that answers are based on logic and information given in the questions. Try and give the best possible solution based on the given data and don’t apply your independent mind, as in such questions you are not supposed to voice your personal opinion.
  • Practice is what makes anybody perfect in anything and the same goes for the Reasoning ability as well, since there is nothing called theory as such for the reasoning section. Hence, it is important to practice reasoning questions regularly without fail so that you get accustomed to the strategies to solve them quickly in the SSC exam. 
  • Series based questions and coding-decoding questions are also an important part of the reasoning section of SSC CGL and require good practice on the part of the candidates to score well in the exam. Such questions need you to understand the logic behind them. With repeated practice, you will be able to try all such logic during SSC exam without much application of mind. 

In SSC, many exams have similar syllabus although the level of questions might differ. 

Reasoning Ability Section can fetch you good marks in SSC CGL if you are comfortable, but you need to be smart to score well in this section.